A Real Weightloss Program That Will Work For You!

Ok so you’re not happy, you’re still overweight, you know you need to sort your diet out. No matter how much exercise…or not, you’re prepared to do.  And here we are another Spring with Summer just round the corner. What’s going to change?

Well as I think you know there’s no magic diet or fitness plan out there. Things aren’t going to change overnight and no matter how much you would be prepared to pay for a fitness program, none of them will work if you don’t make a committment and get motivated to make the change you want. Just being honest… That said I understand how difficult it can be to plan and do everything you need  to get started.

I’ve recently found a scientifically-based Weightloss Program “The Fatloss Factor” by Dr. Charles Livingston. He’s a Certified Advanced Nutritionist, Chiropractor,  and also Wellness Practitioner.  Having gone through the Program, this covers everything I know to be true from my own research and what I do for exercise to keep my own weight under control.

The first part of the Program deals with de-toxing the Liver. It explains in a simple way how important this is to enable your body to not only burn fat but be able to get rid of it.

When you have this in place the Program moves on to diet and weightloss. The right sorts of food to eat, it also covers cardio workouts and strength training, which it approaches in a very realistic way.

There are different workout Plans for men and women, covering beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of exercise. There is also mini-workout sessions planned into the routine, taking on board that you don’t always have alot of time.

I like the fact that there is alot of flexibility in the Program, which, for me would be the thing that I can see would deliver the results for most people, providing you’re committed.

Most diet and exercise plans are too rigid in their nature. Even if the Program is based on good solid information most people will find it hard to committ to that level ongoing, and will eventually stop.

To summarise:

The Fatloss Factor Program is based around de-toxifying the Liver allowing it to break down fat and cholesterol, which is the main cause of weight gain and obesity. This is so often never explained in weightloss programs. I think when you have a clear understanding of where you are and the process you are in, this makes the whole Program very do-able.

Eating organic food will be a lifestyle change for some people. But from my own experience is very worthwhile.  Moving away from a lot of processed foods and the amount of “gunk” that is in them is a change that we must make for our health and fitness.

Exercise is as we all know a very important part of a fitness Program, and is so much easier to do when we have our diet under control. I really feel this whole Program has it all in balance, and it has had great reviews from everyone who has done it.

I think for people who need a complete Plan so they can get a clear understanding of what needs to change and can make a start step-by-step straight away this is a great Program.  All downloadable with a full money-back guarantee …What are you waiting for? Go and check it out NOW!

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