An Average Man Should, And Needs To Exercise

An average man should, and needs, to exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  As I have said before, we have many options when it comes to exercise.  In my opinion, if you have the time and especially if you’re retired, you should do some exercise everyday.

Doing a bit of exercise everyday is better than doing none at all since it all helps to keep our muscles flexible and strong, and is great for mental fatigue, and your mindset in general.

Man thinkingI think the downfall for a lot of men and people in general when it comes to health and fitness, they are always planning to do it sometime soon, maybe, next week, I’ll change to a healthier diet, I’ll try and make some time today, I’ll get some exercise at the weekend, Oh yeah! and I’ll start getting fit after Christmas, in the New Year, or after my Holidays, when the Spring comes, I’m too tired now, I can’t make time, I’ll start tomorrow…sound familiar!

If it does, you are in the vicious mental circle of never getting your health and fitness on track.  The fact that we think these things, and make the excuses for why we can’t act in the “moment” to get the exercise we need to keep us fit and healthy which in reality, is the most important thing we should be doing – looking after ourselves.  Maintaining our fitness lets us carry on living the life we want in our fifties and beyond.  If we are feeling generally unfit, we know we need to do something about it.

Making these excuses in our head to reaffirm a reason why we can’t do it is bad enough.  If we verbalise these reasons to ourselves, yes, we all do that aswell when we are frustrated with a situation we know we should be taking action in, and re-affirm them even more so, when we make them as a statement, to friends and family this circle of inaction will just be endorsed over and over again, becoming deeply ingrained in our psyche. We will think it, and say it, without really thinking about the consequences until it is too late.

So, what do we do about it?  Break the cycle now!  How do we do this? I hear you cry! If you’re serious it’s simpler than you think.  In this moment now do something different for yourself, the rewards will be enormous…take some time out, not a lot of time; just 10 minutes should do it.  Sit somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed or distracted, by phones, music etc.

Close your eyes gently and relax, picture how you feel about your health and fitness at this moment in time.  It probably won’t be a good feeling.  Note the details of your image, it may be things like, you feel out of breath every time you run up two flights of stairs, you wash the car and felt you needed a rest.

Whatever your image is, note the colours, the sounds and the details of what you see in your mind, and now we’re going to reverse it.  In your mind take a large paintbrush and put it in a tin of paint with your choice of colour.

Start to paint out the whole image whatever it is for you.  See it go away, hear the sounds of that image become muffled, far away and gone.  Take a deep breath and breathe in the peace and energy of that moment.  Now start to see an image of yourself that makes you happy.  An image maybe where you’re not overweight, where you can run up three flights of stairs and not be completely breathless. Washing the car is just something you do, and you don’t think you’ve run a marathon.

Whatever the image is for you, that make you feel healthier, or fitter.  Make it bright and vivid, and hear all the sounds associated with it.  Now hold that image in your mind.  Count to ten slowly, and open your eyes.

You may be sceptical of this, a lot of guys are, but give it a go; this is a powerful method of re-framing your mind.   And now it will be a lot easier to take the action you need to take, to get fit.

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