Attitude to Fitness keeps you Young at Heart

Young at HeartYour attitude to fitness keeps you young at heart.  There is no doubt about that.

We all want to keep our health and fitness to do the things we’ve always done.  Maybe even some of the fun things, that we’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time.

I’m 56 at the end of this week and as clichéd as it sounds I do believe that age is just a number.

In this day and age fifty is the new Thirty, or whatever number you want it to be.  When I’m free-wheeling down steep, twisty lanes on my morning bike ride, I can honestly say, I feel thirteen again.  It’s not about exercise; it’s a determined and enthusiastic mind-set.

Drive, power, exhilaration, still so much potential, it’s a great feeling when I get back home.  I don’t only feel physically great; my mind is firing on all cylinders.  Engaging in everything, always looking for something else that interests me.

Having said that, I’ve just got my tickets for the Young at Heart Show which is being held at Alexandra Palace, London. UK.  If you like walking around interesting buildings full of history, this would be worth a visit any time.

Alexandra PalaceThis beautiful grade 2 listed building was built in 1873 and is a grand setting to host what I’m sure is going to be an enjoyable Show, over the weekend of 5th and 6th October.  This also takes in National Grandparents Day here in the UK on Sunday 6th. Being a Granddad is a joy I’ve yet to experience, and certainly want to have the fitness and energy to enjoy.

The Young at Heart Show is one of the biggest Lifestyle Shows there is for modern, active over 50’s.  Over the two days you’ll be able to browse and shop, over 200 quality brands and organisations across a range of sectors. With lots of live demonstrations, entertainment and inspirational speakers.  You can have a look at the itinerary on their website.

There’s so much to see, from new ideas around food and diet, to a Swingin’ 60’s Band, and Health and Fitness.  And everything in between – not just for the guys I hasten to add.  It’s for all us in our 50’s and beyond.  Who are active and wanting to discover more new and exciting things and experiences.

As One of my readers, and having been in touch with the Show’s Organisers they are offering all visitors to men fitness at 50 free tickets to the Show.

So if you can make it to London for one of those dates, you can visit the Show for free.  To have a great day out click on the link here  and use the promotional code: Mens Fitness.  I’m sure it will be an enjoyable day out I know I’m looking forward to it

I think there will be a lot here to see taste and try, maybe you’re ready to make some life style changes and you’re looking for new ideas this could be a great place to start.

Lifestyle in your 50’s should be about wanting more time to enjoy what we have.  I think we all want to make that change.  Your health and fitness has got to be the first priority in this

If you want to contact me directly regards health fitness email at or leave me a voice mail right now.  In the box on the right of this page.

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