Getting In Shape

It’s never too late for getting in shape.  You don’t have to join a gym and become a body builder.  There’s plenty of ways you can get enough exercise to aid your Fitness Plan, and losing that bit of weight. Of course, there is a simple formula to help calculate weight loss: consume fewer  calories than what you  burn every day. For example, if you consume 2000 calories per day and you burn 2500 calories per day, you might just say “Why don’t I just cut down on my calories intake considerably,” hence I don’t really have to burn many calories to lose weight?” Well that would be starving yourself and […] Read more »

Metabolism And Your Weight

You know your metabolism influences your weight.  But do you know how? Common belief holds that a slim person’s metabolism is high and an overweight person’s metabolism is low. But this isn’t usually the case. Metabolism alone doesn’t determine your weight. Rather, weight is dependent on the balance of calories consumed versus calories burned. Take in more calories than your body needs, and you gain weight. Take in less and you lose weight. Metabolism then, is the engine that burns these calories and is the scale that regulates your energy needs. Stated simply, metabolism is the process by which the number of calories your body […] Read more »

The Right Mindset

Believe it or not, the right mindset for fitness is a psychological factor that you cannot ignore when you’re trying to keep fit.  It’s like playing a game, you need to believe you can win, and not only believe, but see it happening in your mind.  This mindset is very powerful; it ingrains in you the will to succeed. Look at your own fitness as a game.  Just as you need to know the rules of the game as well as the basics of performing that game, say as in a sport, you also need the right information to make […] Read more »

Monthly magazine Men's Fitness to launch in new territories

Mark Sweney reports in The Guardian that Dennis Publishing is looking to capitalise on the boom in the men’s fitness market by striking a deal to expand monthly magazine Men’s Fitness into a number of international markets. Dennis has struck a deal with American Media (AMI), the publisher of titles including National Enquirer, Flex and celebrity news title Star, to develop Men’s Fitness into an “international power brand” targeting markets where fitness and active pursuits are growth sectors. Dennis will be hoping to emulate the success the title has seen in the UK which, against a backdrop of mostly dire ad […] Read more »

What Does Fitness Mean To You?

Man running along coast

Now that you’re in your 50’s, you might be wondering what fitness means to you and you’re to be congratulated, and you should be celebrating this milestone. Whatever Fitness has meant to you in the past, and no matter where you are now, every one looks at it differently.  To some it brings on the cringe of pain, of doing something they simply hate, and even something they will avoid at all cost, but that’s not necessary.  Fitness and exercise should be fun, doing something that is enjoyable.  Maybe you just want to maintain the level of fitness you have, […] Read more »

Mens Fitness

You may be realising, for the first time, you’re not as fit as you should be. But you don’t know what to do about it, well you can do nothing and carry on the way you always have, which unfortunately is the option a lot of men take until they have a health problem, and then it could be too late, or, you can start making healthier life choices now. Read more »