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Green vegetables good for the brainYour diet is very important to keep the brain healthy, as we grow older. Eat as many colourful fruits and leafy vegetables as you can. Vegetables are known to help your brain to perform and become better. If vegetables can help prevent cancer, it has to be good for the brain as well.

Fruits and vegetable are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with being low in fat and calories. Antioxidants have proven to benefit us, since they contain vitamins known to reduce dying or damaged cells. (Interesting fact) the omega-3 in almonds and the colour in blueberries and the antioxidants have been proven, to keep your brain functioning correctly, and make a healthy snack instead of your usual chocolate bar. As they have low blood sugar and can improve mental processes, and is known to improve the brain’s short-term memory. Stress can be a major factor in brain health, and our body in general.

Here are a few tips for keeping your stress levels to a minimum during your day:

If you are a Tea drinker there are many varieties of Tea on the market today, which are not only refreshing but contain herbs. One of the teas that I have discovered is called Tulsi. This is also an aromatic plant. It is widely known across South Asia as a medicinal plant and also a herbal tea. This drink has a calming effect and helps reduce stress, which, can improve memory and keep us alert. Reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

Another way of dealing with this hormone can also be helped by gently shaking out our limbs. Do it for a few minutes morning and night. This will keep us relaxed but alert.

Remember, your brain like your physical body is greatly affected by your diet. And in the same way needs to be stretched and exercised everyday.

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