An Average Man Should, And Needs To Exercise

An average man should, and needs, to exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  As I have said before, we have many options when it comes to exercise.  In my opinion, if you have the time and especially if you’re retired, you should do some exercise everyday. Doing a bit of exercise everyday is better than doing none at all since it all helps to keep our muscles flexible and strong, and is great for mental fatigue, and your mindset in general. I think the downfall for a lot of men and people in […] Read more »

Fitness – You Know What, I Truely Believe You Can Do It!

Man on Beach

Fitness – you know what, I truely believe you can do it. If you’ve been following my Blogs, you will know by now, and I think I’ve demonstrated it, that getting fit and maintaining your fitness in your 50’s and beyond is quite easy to do.  The biggest hurdle by far is your mindset and determination, which I’ve talked about in previous blogs, sort this, just jump in and get started straight away.  If you’re a bit overweight there’s no need to buy complicated calorie counting fad diets, remember it’s all about balance and portion size.  Buying the latest piece […] Read more »

In The Swim

man swimming

If you know how to swim chances are you haven’t been in the Swim for a while.  Maybe like me in the past you don’t swim from one Holiday to the next, and every time you do you say things like “that was really great, I’ll have to start swimming again when I get home”, and your family and friends that you’re with usually echo the same sentiments, but it never happens. When you’re on holiday swimming pools are never usually far away, but once you’re back home, unless you’re lucky to live within walking distance of your local Leisure […] Read more »

Exercise How Much?

Man on exercise mat

  When it comes to exercise – how much? A lot of guys don’t really know. They take up a new sport, or start to exercise at home, and after a few weeks they expect to see some results.  When they don’t, they think they’re not doing enough.  So they do more of the same exercises, or they go to the Gym more, they swim more, run more, cycle more.  And it’s still the same, they may feel fitter, but if they are trying to lose weight they find that they haven’t lost any.  Why is this they say? I […] Read more »


Cycling on beach

The 60-minute cycling hill workout was designed by cycling coach Lance Leener.  This workout burns 635 calories, according to “Fitness Magazine.” Ride your bike at a moderate pace for 15 minutes to warm up.  Then find a hill that takes between one minute and one minute and 30 seconds to climb.  You will climb this hill six times, riding down the hill in an easy gear to recover after each climb. Stay seated for the first two climbs, then stand halfway through the third and stand for the last two. Increase your resistance with each climb. Once you have finished your climbs, […] Read more »

It’s Time To Think Fitness

Time to think fitness

The last of the Mince Pies have gone. It’s time to think Fitness, check out the weight gain – if any, and put our Fitness Plan in place for the New Year.  I personally only gained 2lbs over Christmas. (but then I did do a lot of walking). My brother has a very lively 18 month old “working Cocker Spaniel”, and she gave me a great reason to go for long walks with other members of my Family, who were staying over Christmas and New Year.  So on average over the Holiday, including Christmas Day, I was walking between 4 […] Read more »

Exercise Routines for Men Over 50

By Nicholas Pell Nicholas Pell began writing professionally in 1995. He has written about culture, arts, spirituality and politics for “Maximumrocknroll,” “Just Out” and “Key 64,” in addition to editing for “London PA” magazine. Pell teaches yoga and studies vegan nutrition and fitness. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. As men get older, it’s more important than ever to stay in shape. However, there are certain considerations for exercise routines for men over 50. You have health concerns younger counterparts don’t have. Before starting any exercise routine, talk to your doctor […] Read more »

Great Workout Tips For Men

James Patterson writes…Every year, men everywhere set a New Year’s resolution to finally get off the couch and get into shape. Here are some great work tips. But doing it is easier said than done. Life gets in the way, you get tired and you fall off the wagon. Remembering some easy workout tips for getting fit can help you be consistent and finally achieve the body of your dreams. Take Care of Your Body Warming up and stretching before you work out can end up improving your fitness as well as preventing injury. There’s no easier way to get […] Read more »

Good Workout Routines for Men

There are many benefits of taking part in physical activity, such as lowering the risk of being affected by chronic diseases, improving flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and also helps to reduce weight. Good workout routines for men also help them sleep better, as well as increase confidence and self-esteem. Just for a second think about when you were younger and how good you always felt during the day and what a great night’s sleep you used to get, well this was mostly due to the fact that as kids we were extremely active and always running around and being physically […] Read more »

Having The Motivation To Keep Up The Exercise Routine

Joel Gray writes…Considering the amount of time and energy that it takes to go out and exercise, it is easy to neglect the habit of working out when life gets busy. It is important to remain motivated and stick to it so that the routine is not forgotten altogether. Here are a few pointers that can help keep you motivated and wanting to exercise as often as possible. Don’t try to overachieve. A person with a busy lifestyle may only be able to exercise a couple times a week, but that is still better than not exercising at all. There’s […] Read more »