Kettlebells…The Story So Far

The story so far…It began for me last year.  When surprisingly I discovered Kettlebell Training for the first time, whilst researching Weight and Resistance Training. It seemed to have been under my radar somehow.  I think mainly because I had not been interested in Weight Training.  As I have said in the past, it never really appealed to me. But as I got into my fifties I started to learn that you needed to do some resistance training as you get older, to maintain your muscle mass and how important this is to your mobility, or lack of it, if you don’t […] Read more »

Thinking About Exercise

Thinking About Exercise

If you’ve been thinking about Exercise you’re probably looking for a Plan that works. I’ve been looking at the different Fitness Plans and tests people around the world have to do to demonstrate their fitness before they join a Profession they want to follow. The armed forces being one of the toughest. This is one I came across for the entrance for the United States Navy Seals.  I thought it would be interesting to share this with you. If you want success here you have to be prepared to get wet.  The Fitness Test is to qualify you for a program that […] Read more »

What’s your Personal Best In Health And Fitness

Personal Best

What’s your personal best in Health and Fitness and how can you start to achieve it quickly? Today’s the day when the eyes of the World are on London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Health fitness and personal best will be top of mind for the Olympic team members. Whether you love Sport or not, you have got to admire the Athletes of the World, who by pure Vision, Grit, Hard Work and Determination, are now going to represent their Countries, in the most ancient and magnificent feat of sporting agility that we can witness on the Planet. I for […] Read more »

Exercise And Fitness – It’s Not A Race

Unless you’re running a Marathon or you’re in the Tour-de-France, or may be striving for a place in the Olympics-let alone win anything, your exercise fitness routine is not a race. In your 50’s more than ever, your health and fitness should be a daily priority.  But there are two big problems as I see it and a lot of the guys I’ve spoken to seem to confirm this: The first one is inaction which I’ve talked about before and I’m not going there today. But no doubt I’ll come back to it in the future as it is a […] Read more »

Warming To Kettlebells

Last week I talked about Kettlebell Training, and how excited I was about what is turning out to be a truly amazing exercise programme. Even though I am only on Week 2 of the Twelve Week Training, you certainly feel you’ve had a work-out, and I know it’s only going to get better.  The Plan that I’m working to only requires that you do the Routine Three times a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I usually do the training in the morning after my usual bike ride, as I wanted to add to my fitness routine if you remember, I […] Read more »

Mens Fitness – Take It To Another Level

Ok, Mens Fitness Plan that maintains and builds muscle.  If you read my blog posts last week, I talked about building muscle in your 50’s and beyond and why it’s so important.  And we’d established that the only way to do this as part of a Fitness Plan was to do some form of weight training. Back in March I wrote “When you do free weight training your entire body is supporting the weight”.  And it was this ongoing research to make weight training part of my fitness plan, and find something that I would enjoy and be enthusiastic about, […] Read more »

Muscle For Life

I think you know now you need muscle for life. I’ve just typed out a 12 week Kettlebell Training Plan. Which as I said yesterday I’m pretty excited about. I’ve just started doing a few simple Swing Exercises every day with an 8kg Kettlebell. And am now moving up to a 12kg, which is the recommended weight for a guy to start some serious training with. Watch this space! I seem to have spoken to a lot of people this week regards fitness, and it seems to have come up in all sorts of conversation. Which I must say I […] Read more »

Working Those Muscles

I’ve certainly learned a lot about Anatomy and working those muscles.  The stereo-typical image of guys building muscle, is them standing there flexing their “Abs”.  As I said earlier this week, the whole idea of muscle building never appealed to me. Yes I exercised, I kept fit, my muscles were adequate and that’s the thing,  they are.  But in our 50’s we have to work to keep them.  I think I’ve painted a “big scary picture” through my own research of how bad it can get.  I know it really scared me. But as with a lot of things in […] Read more »

Maintaining Muscle

Well following on from yesterday…Strength Training, maintaining muscle.  It is more important than I ever realised before I started to do this research. And the main area we need to work on from what I’ve learned; is what is known as the Core Muscle Group. When you hear people talking about Strength Training, you will often hear them refer to the Core Muscles.  If you ask people in general, what they are? You would get a lot of different answers.  I thought it would help if I understood more about it. So before we start looking at how we can […] Read more »

Strength Training – Why You Need To Do It

Strength Training – Why you need to do it…If you follow me this week I’m going to cover everything I’ve discovered about Strength Training and why like me, if you’ve never done it before you need and must make it part of your exercise routine in your 50’s. I must admit this was an area of exercise I never gave much thought to.  And never did any as part of my exercise routine when I was younger. What is strength exercising?  Strength exercising is a way of developing the different muscle groups of the body to maintain and build more […] Read more »