Exercising – Are You In The Zone?

Do you look forward to exercising?  Does your day not feel right if you haven’t done your exercise?  Will you go to any lengths to fit in your exercise routine if something else calls on your time?  Do you do a range of exercises in the three main areas you need to maintain, or develop your fitness, Endurance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility, that you really enjoy? Well if the answer is YES, then congratulations.  You are in the zone, and your health and fitness is as assured as it can be, and you will never find it a chore or […] Read more »

Cycling In The Rain

Every morning I go cycling, it’s great Cardio exercise and not only that, I always find it clears my mind aswell and gets all the thought processes working. It’s supposed to be June!  Well that’s what the Calendar says.  But when I looked out the window this morning everywhere was wet and there was no one about as I went outside to get my bike. Oh yes, I don’t let the weather interfere with my exercise routine.  On the few occasions I don’t start the day with a bike ride, the day never seems to get off the ground! Yes […] Read more »

A Simple Take On Exercise

Today I thought I would try and help guys who for one reason or another just can’t get started with an exercise plan.  You’re just at a standstill, plain stuck.  It may be lack of time or you just can’t get focus or think of what to do.  It all seems too hard to get going there’s no one to help you, or give you guidance. Well that can stop right now!  You may have been thinking of doing something for a while, may be going to the gym but it’s not really your “thing” or it’s too expensive. Maybe […] Read more »

Optimum Men’s Health and Fitness Guide – The Ultimate Men’s Fitness Tips

 Joey Capone writes…Finding the perfect balance of mens health and fitness is a daunting task these days. There are so many so called “fitness experts” telling you one thing, while the others tell you differently. So what men’s fitness tips are really proven to enhance a man’s life? Let’s take a look at some of the major issues and how to best tackle them. WEIGHT LOSS So much crap comes out daily on this subject. The worse products are usually savvy marketed diet pills that promise so many results and almost ALWAYS under-deliver!  So what are really the best recommendations […] Read more »

Weight Loss For Men Over 50 Cannot Be Accomplished Through Increased Activity Alone

Tom Bradley writes…Weight loss for men over 50 is tougher than it is for their younger counterparts. Even among men with a life-long history of healthy activity staying trim can become a baffling battle. In a Berkeley Lab study involving 4,769 male runners under the age of 50 the question of whether vigorous exercise can prevent weight gain with age the conclusion was that waist-line expansion is almost a force of nature. Those who exercise will be leaner than sedentary individuals but even devoted athletes will find it increasingly difficult to remain sleek. The outlook for men over the age […] Read more »

Is Fitness Over 50 the Solution For “Male Menopause”?

 RA Butters writes …Is it possible that something as simple as a daily morning jog could offset the effects of aging? Could an activity as easy as stopping by the gym a few times a week enhance sexual performance and increase libido? Could hiking, biking, swimming, or just lifting weights in the garage be the “cure” most midlife men are looking for? According to a recent study by the New England Research Institutes in Massachusetts, the answer is a resounding “yes”. The study, which followed 1,667 men ages 40 through 70, indicated that as the men aged the importance of […] Read more »

Exercise Over 50…Does It Really Matter?

Exercise over 50…Does it really matter…? If I don’t do regular exercise? This is a question I’m often asked when I talk to people about my exercise routine, and the research I have done and the things I have learned. And the answer is undoubtedly…YES! People say “but I feel fine”, “what’s the point in pushing yourself like that?” “We are all going to die of something” My reply to this is Yes, we are all getting older and aging is a part of life, but we don’t have to accept the negative consequences it can have on our health […] Read more »