Stand Up for Health and Fitness

Your health and fitness should be the first consideration of the day. I’ve just been for a 5 mile hill-walk, which is something I usually do at weekends, but I’ve now brought a lot more resistance walking into my everyday fitness routine.  So if it’s not cycling first thing, it’s walking, to get my day underway. After a couple of hours exercise I have an appetite like a horse, something which I’ve had to learn to curb.  But I’ll talk about diet another time. I’m now standing in front of my desk ready to start work.  The research I have […] Read more »

Weight Loss For Men Over 50 Cannot Be Accomplished Through Increased Activity Alone

Tom Bradley writes…Weight loss for men over 50 is tougher than it is for their younger counterparts. Even among men with a life-long history of healthy activity staying trim can become a baffling battle. In a Berkeley Lab study involving 4,769 male runners under the age of 50 the question of whether vigorous exercise can prevent weight gain with age the conclusion was that waist-line expansion is almost a force of nature. Those who exercise will be leaner than sedentary individuals but even devoted athletes will find it increasingly difficult to remain sleek. The outlook for men over the age […] Read more »

Men’s Fitness – Some Points To Consider

Many people define fitness as being healthy only in the body. However this is not true for men’s fitness as being fit means not only our bodies are working perfectly and they are in a perfect state, but also that our minds are functioning at their peak. Moreover being fit also means that our bodies are free from diseases as well. This idea should be incorporated in any muscle and fitness program. Joe Varghese writes…No doubt fitness is a very important part of our lives. In fact fitness may be such an important vocation of so many people, that they […] Read more »

Metabolism And Your Weight

You know your metabolism influences your weight.  But do you know how? Common belief holds that a slim person’s metabolism is high and an overweight person’s metabolism is low. But this isn’t usually the case. Metabolism alone doesn’t determine your weight. Rather, weight is dependent on the balance of calories consumed versus calories burned. Take in more calories than your body needs, and you gain weight. Take in less and you lose weight. Metabolism then, is the engine that burns these calories and is the scale that regulates your energy needs. Stated simply, metabolism is the process by which the number of calories your body […] Read more »