Cycling In The Rain

Every morning I go cycling, it’s great Cardio exercise and not only that, I always find it clears my mind aswell and gets all the thought processes working.

It’s supposed to be June!  Well that’s what the Calendar says.  But when I looked out the window this morning everywhere was wet and there was no one about as I went outside to get my bike.

Oh yes, I don’t let the weather interfere with my exercise routine.  On the few occasions I don’t start the day with a bike ride, the day never seems to get off the ground! Yes there are other exercises I do, but cycling is my passion, and I never want to miss out on being in the saddle at least once a day.

I live in a very rural area and there are plenty of lanes to cycle, some are more challenging than others.  I usually cycle between 7-10 miles depending on the route.

But I don’t “knock myself out” with this.  If you cycle and take it really seriously as a sport, you may be thinking, huh! That’s not far because you may be cycling 40 or 50 miles a day as part of your training, and that’s great.

If you’ve never really cycled at all except may be as a child, you might be thinking 7 – 10 miles is a lot, and that’s the thing with exercise  it should be something you really want to do at your own pace.  Yes you need to challenge yourself, but if you’re enjoying the experience that becomes easy. If it feels like a chore, it’s never going to work. So don’t kid yourself! You’ll be wasting your time!

I’ve not talked about how long it takes to do my morning route, and the reason is most of the time I don’t really care.  Yes, I’ve timed myself when I really wanted to “push it”, but again I wanted it to be fun.

Sometimes I’ll literally dawdle it and take in the sights – that’s great for the mind.  Other times I’ll sprint for a mile or so, and some days I’ll really “go” for all the hills.

If you’ve ever cycled, well why not try it again, cycling’s great, well I would say that. But it’s not about cycling, it’s about finding and doing some kind of exercise that you will enjoy, that gets your heart rate up, burns and stretch those muscles.

You want to do it at least 3 times a week or everyday, it’s amazing how you can make the time if you’re passionate about it.  And if it’s outdoors the weather will never stop you.  For me I’ve been dripping wet in the sunshine, and soaking wet, covered in mud from head to toe in the rain.  It’s great.

So to summarise: Exercise and Fitness should be a passion, enjoyable and fun, not a chore.  Jump in and try different things.  But if it doesn’t feel a part of you leave it. Don’t just join the gym because your mate has, don’t buy the latest carbon fibre squash racket because they look really cool and they’re on offer, don’t go buying the latest designer sports gear.

If I had a pound for everyone I know who has done that and never followed through, I’d have bought my own island in the Seychelles and would spend the day cycling round and round…Cycling’s great!

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