Cycling on beachThe 60-minute cycling hill workout was designed by cycling coach Lance Leener.  This workout burns 635 calories, according to “Fitness Magazine.”

Ride your bike at a moderate pace for 15 minutes to warm up.  Then find a hill that takes between one minute and one minute and 30 seconds to climb.  You will climb this hill six times, riding down the hill in an easy gear to recover after each climb.

Stay seated for the first two climbs, then stand halfway through the third and stand for the last two.

Increase your resistance with each climb. Once you have finished your climbs, ride at a moderate effort for 30 minutes and then cool down  for five minutes with an easy ride.

If you don’t have an hour, you can try Leener’s 35 minute speed workout and burn 370 calories. Start with a 15 minute warm up.

Do six sprints increasing the length of sprints as you go and alternating between sitting and standing.

As your sprints lengthen, give yourself more time to recover. Ride at a moderate pace for five minutes before a five minute cool down.

By Chris Callaway

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