Don’t be like Fred

Fred is a 55 year old working guy who’s been married for 30 years and has 2 children a son and daughter, who have 300 x 300both left home now. He does not have a lot of spare time as he works long hours in his Senior Management role.

His Wife has been telling him for a while that he’s putting on weight, but Fred hasn’t listened, he’s always taken his health and fitness for granted, has never done any exercise he enjoys the food he has always eaten as he says ”I like my food and why not” why not indeed!

Last week Fred who works on the Third Floor of an Office Block was forced to use the Stairs for the first time in years when the lifts were all out of action. He had a meeting planned with an important Client and was now running late. He started to climb the Stairs as quickly as he could.

By the time he had reached the Second Floor he felt breathless. so struggled on to reached the Third Floor he was now sweating and feeling a bit dizzy. What’s happening to me thought Fred he had never felt like this in his life? Fred was scared

He knew he couldn’t meet his client looking and feeling like this so he made straight for the Gent’s instead, to get his breath back and compose himself.

As he splashed his face with water he started to feel a bit better. Looking at himself in the mirror he noticed for the first time how much weight he’d put on and how tight his trouser’s were. Something he had tried to ignore the last six months.

Fred knew he was becoming really unfit and was overweight. His wife had said “poor old Fred”, he needed to do something about it now! but what could he do he thought to himself.

It’s a sad fact that obesity is singly the biggest health problem in the western world today across all ages and genders, and is only compounded further as we age and our body’s metabolism starts to slow. Research reveals that less than 3% of the population is living anything near a healthy lifestyle.

Inactivity and over-eating for, most manifests itself in a dangerously increased waistline. With large amounts of visceral fat. A high risk factor for Heart Disease. A new Study found it also increases the risk for dying from a whole range of diseases, including Cancer, Respiratory failure and other causes. Visceral fat around the abdomen is literally like crushing your major organs, especially when sleeping. This can cause inflammation, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and other problems linked with poor health. So don’t be like Fred with his head in the sand for too long.

If you’re putting on weight and starting to feel unhealthy, don’t ignore it. Start now by taking these 4 steps.

Have a medical Check up, you’re probably due one.

Work out what your ideal weight should be, There is a great little tool to help you do this, which I have found here. When you’ve done this weigh yourself everyday and record it. You need to be aware.

We all eat far too much Carbohydrate in all its forms. On average between 200 and 500 grams a day, and some People are consuming more than this when their diet is mainly processed foods. You should be aiming to consume 1500 grams or less a day. This one change will make a huge difference.

If you’re not exercising, you must start to. The animal we are, demands that we stand, move, crouch and be generally active. We are not meant to be sedentary.

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