Drinking Water

Drinking water?  I have just read that there’s a new Café just opened in New York selling filtered tap water. Yeah, that’s the only thing it sells, a real watering hole.  It’s called “Molecules”.  You can also add vitamins and supplements to the water they sell, to create a water cocktail – way to go I say. We could do with a chain of them.

For our fitness over fifty we should be drinking water.  Guys in our fifties I think still find it a bit strange, the concept of buying water from a shop.  I know I did, even though I do if I have to now, because I understand the importance of it.

When I was growing up in the 60’s in the UK, there was never the choice of things to drink in the local store that there is today.  When you were thirsty you always thought of water from the tap, and at weekends or Parties you would have Lemonade – proper Lemonade in glass bottles! Do you remember?

Though on reflection now it was full of sugar, but it was a treat and we didn’t have it every day.  The problem today is we are not always near a tap and in some Cities you are told that the tap water is not fit to drink.  So we all at some time or another have been very thirsty and found our self in the nearest Store looking at vast array of drinks that are available now.  So much so that through our Adult life when we are thirsty we’ve tended not to think of heading for a tap, but again have gone to the Store or asked someone who is going, to bring us back  a cold drink.  Which was usually fizzy sugar “something or other” in the disguise of a fruit, oh yes, and of course it’s a healthy energy drink – WRONG!

Now water has only been available in Stores since the early 90’s, in the UK and I must admit that back then it was never on my radar.  We were all sucked in by the bright coloured Bottles and Cans of cold fruit thirst quenchers, with that healthy energy juice that we saw everywhere. And it had been like that all my adult life, and the market was growing bigger.

Now deep in my “psyche” when I first saw water for sale it didn’t seem right, “hold on” I thought I should be getting water from a tap and it should be free in the moment anyway. Yeah I know we all pay for it through tax and Utilities, I didn’t like paying for water in shops.  After Air it’s the most important resource we need to live.  And maybe because I, like a lot of people have always been fortunate enough to have lived in areas where it is plentiful.  It just seemed wrong.

Well that was back then.  But I’ve grown more and more to understand that we are fortunate to have the availability when it comes to water, which a lot of the people on the Planet don’t.  Water plays an important part in your body’s metabolism and  is the best thing  to drink for your health, fitness and weightloss.

I always plan ahead now if I know I’m going “out and about” or making a long car journey.  I usually have a stock of tap water in a cool bag in the car.  And if I’m on a really long trip I freeze the water beforehand, and it’s usually ready to drink when I need it.  I don’t want to be without water, which has happened on a few occasions when I’ve parked in large car parks and been thirsty and not even having the opportunity to buy water from a shop.

So I would say, if you’re trying to make some positive moves towards better health and fitness, leave the bright coloured bottles and cans which are full of sugar and chemicals on the shelves.  If you’re not a big fan of water and I’ve met some people who aren’t, Juice your own fruit and vegetables, and carry those with you in the same way.

If you’re in a Restaurant always make sure you ask for a jug of iced tap water, even if you’re having alcohol with your meal.  Most Restaurants who value your custom will readily supply this without charge as you should not have to purchase bottled water when you are eating, and drinking other Beverages.  Remember drinking water keeps everything in balance, helps your digestion, and relieves your Liver and Kidneys when you are having a little indulgence.  Please leave a comment in the box below.  I really want to know what you think.  Or email me directly at phil@mensfitnessat50.com

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