Exercise And Fitness – It’s Not A Race

Unless you’re running a Marathon or you’re in the Tour-de-France, or may be striving for a place in the Olympics-let alone win anything, your exercise fitness routine is not a race.

In your 50’s more than ever, your health and fitness should be a daily priority.  But there are two big problems as I see it and a lot of the guys I’ve spoken to seem to confirm this:

The first one is inaction which I’ve talked about before and I’m not going there today. But no doubt I’ll come back to it in the future as it is a real problem.

The Second is you actually get started – you’re full of enthusiasm, and then what?  It all comes crashing down around you!  And why? Because to coin an old phrase “you started to run, before you could walk” (no pun intended).  And your great new fitness plan is on the back burner because of an injury that could so easily have been avoided.

The thing with a physical injury, and we’ve all had one at one time or another.  It is so easy to do, and can take an age to properly recover from.

As we get older our joints stiffen and tighten it’s just part of the aging process.  But as I’ve said before you can do something about it but you need to be careful and start slowly.  To go from a standing start into a full-on exercise programme without any preparation is asking for trouble.

Getting started slowly and building up is the answer to achieving your fitness goals.  The best way to do this is a warming and stretching routine which should always be done at the start of your exercise, again stretching and cooling at the end of it.  This is so important and so misunderstood by a lot of people.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, or maybe never really exercised at all, you can start now with warming and stretching this is the perfect place to start.  Even if that’s all you did for the first week or so.  You will really notice the difference and then making it part of your on-going exercise plan in the future will enable you to achieve the results you want without pain or injury.

Like with everything else, you need to know how to do this properly.  And after a lot of research to understand warming and stretching and what you actually need to do, I discovered the Stretching Institute which is based in Australia and was founded by Brad Walker who is an Exercise Scientist and Trainer.  I have made this a bigger part of my exercise routine and have had great results in a short period of time.

His Book “The Stretching Handbook” is very easy to understand, with photographs that cover all the stretching routines, each accompanied by a simple clear instruction on how to carry them out.  And the DVD of the same name demonstrates all these exercises in a very relaxed way that is easy to follow.  This is all you would ever need to know on the subject.

You can literally work through every part of the body, from your Neck to your lower Calves and Achilles and I know I felt the results of this straightaway.  Then you can start to target what warming and stretching you need to do for your exercise and fitness routine that you plan to embark on.  Confident in the fact that probably for the first time you actually know how to Warm, Stretch and Cool correctly.

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