Exercise How Much?


When it comes to exercise – how much? A lot of guys don’t really know.

Man on exercise matThey take up a new sport, or start to exercise at home, and after a few weeks they expect to see some results.  When they don’t, they think they’re not doing enough.  So they do more of the same exercises, or they go to the Gym more, they swim more, run more, cycle more.  And it’s still the same, they may feel fitter, but if they are trying to lose weight they find that they haven’t lost any.  Why is this they say? I have worked out harder than ever and yet my weight is still the same.

Well it’s all about balance between your diet and your Exercise Plan.  A lot of guys who play sport and work out think they can eat what they like as long as they work hard at it.  It doesn’t work like that!

You need to think food, and no I don’t mean going on some mad diet and starving yourself.  But you do need to look at portion size, because this is a vicious circle you will become part of it if you don’t make changes, if you exercise more, you eat more.

I know this to be a fact for myself.  That’s why I look at what I eat and how much, just in a sensible way.  And in a month I will have a few “treats”, like a Sweet when I eat out now and again, but not every week.  The answer is if you eat less and have a balanced diet, Meat, Carbs, Veg, Fruit, and plenty of Water.  Try and get processed Sugar out of your body all together.  This will put you in charge!

If, like me you have a “sweet tooth” you will find you can still have a “treat”, but it will be in your control and again if your body’s not craving it you can enjoy it with no harm done.  So remember…”Everything in moderation!”

You can’t just do lots of exercise and expect to lose weight.  Look at your food!  Put it in balance, eat smaller portions, you will have broken that vicious circle that a lot of guys are in and don’t know it.

Some just keep doing more exercise and get no where, and it becomes a real chore.  While others will see no results and give up.  Not good when the answer is so easy.

I’m eating out tonight. Will I have a Sweet?  I might, I’ll just wait and see.


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