Exercise Sucks

Fitness at 50

Fitness at 50

Happy New Year, and oh by the way Exercise Sucks. Well One person told me that over the Holiday period. Anyway I’m sure it’s going to be a great year.

It’s all back to normal this week if there is any such thing! The World and the people in it are so different, and we all live very diverse lives.

I have always been an optimist. I really don’t see the point in being anything else in life, even when it’s not going so well I always believe the Sun is shining over the next hill.

So people like me usually like the whole idea of the New Year, drawing a line under the past, making a fresh Plan for the future, the Sun coming up on a new day and a New Year – shall I go on? Because I can! Just saying these things can make you feel so much better. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this, so please let me know.

On New Year’s Eve I ended up at a friend of a friend’s House Party as we were getting ready to say goodbye to 2012, and welcome in the bright, wonderful, (there I go again) New Year, and people were very merry.

Somehow I ended up in one of the Party game teams – not really my thing; until they said they wanted someone from each team to do as many Squat-thrusts as they could in a minute. Well I looked around the room! And thought I must be in with a good chance here so volunteered, well you’ve got to haven’t you? Plus it was the first game they’d played that wasn’t plain daft, as far as I was concerned.

I could see some guys just breaking out into a sweat just thinking about it, and turning away to go and get another drink. With great shrieks and shouts of encouragement I got into position, though not exactly dressed for it. One minute later I had done 29 Squat-thrusts and I thought I was home and dry, when the challenger from the other team came from the back of the room, he was about 6ft 2 inch in height to my 5ft 8inch frame and was quite lean, and at least ten years my junior.

Well the room went wild now! Everyone had been quite impressed with my performance, none-more-so than me. He took up his position and a minute later I was beaten 31 Squats to my 29. As he got up he shook my hand, I congratulated him, and my head was still high.

We went and got a drink and started talking about exercise we do and the fact that we seemed to be in the minority in the room as regards doing  regular exercise. He got his iphone out and started to proudly show me pictures of the home-gym that he had built himself. Another guy joined the conversation who regularly did weight training, I told him about the Kettlebell training I taken up and how much I enjoyed it, and what a difference it had made to my level of fitness.

Just then there was a lone dissenting voice hollering “what’s this fitness at 50 thing, fitness over 50 you must be mad! Exercise sucks”!! Well he was laughing, and me and the guys I was talking to just looked at him, and laughed aswell. But by the look of him there was no wonder he thought “exercise sucks” it looked as if he had not done any exercise for a long time – maybe since he was at school. And I had the feeling he would have not been that enthusiastic then.

Later on in the evening the challenge turned to push-ups. The only guys in the room, who were up for this, were the ones I’d been talking to earlier who did regular exercise like me, Even those who were easily 20 years my junior were nowhere to be seen. It was me and the guy with the home-gym who were going-for-it again. I was beaten – again! By 2 or 3 reps.

Given I’d been eating and drinking and wasn’t dressed for this, it probably wasn’t the cleverest thing to be doing at 11.30pm on New Year’s Eve. But it made me realise just how fit I am right now.

So probably like me, you’ve put some weight on over the festive season, or worse still you went into Christmas overweight and now you’re wondering what you’re going to do about it. Well which ever it is, you’re reading this because you want your fitness and weight back under control, or maybe this is the first year you’ve decided that fitness in your 50’s is important and you’re going to do something about it!

Mindset and commitment are key as is doing something you can enjoy, then exercise doesn’t suck! In-fact that’s a good motto to go forward with. So if you’re at 50, over 50, or beyond 50, it’s never too late.

You are obviously here because deep down you seriously know how important this is, to get your health and fitness where you want it to be.

I know where you are, it all feels a bit out of control and you don’t know what to do, I talk to guys about this all the time and it could be that easy for me to get off-track if I let it, after all the feasting of Christmas. But I’m just not going to let it happen.

I value my health and fitness too much, probably like you I’ve got a lot of living planned to do yet, my daughter will be 25 this year, and I’m planning on being around when she has children, and watching them grow up. So why don’t you commit now to getting fitter this year.

If you feel totally lost like a lot of guys do, believe me it’s simpler than you think, with some commitment you can do it.
Follow my video blogs for ten days and I’ll get you on track, but you must take the action day-on-day.

Having your fitness over 50 is great So those who say “exercise sucks” Bah Humbug! And that really is the end of Christmas.

Please leave a comment in the box below. I really want to help, and know what you think. Or email me directly at phil@mensfitnessat50.com

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