Fitness Around Injuries

Fitness around injuries:  There’s no doubt about it, if you’re carrying an old injury, or have general wear and tear issues, the ability to exercise and have a regular fitness plan is going to be more challenging – let’s face it we’ve all got some of varying degrees.  The issue here is what do you do about it?

Having injuries that may completely heal, or carrying an injury that will restrict you in some way is part of living.  The only way to make sure that this minimises the effect on your general health and fitness is to work through it.

If you’ve had a recent injury you will more than likely be advised by a Doctor or Physiotherapist to keep exercising the area that has been injured, once it’s had time to start to repair.

It is essential that you follow the guidance you are given and do the exercises you are given.  To either:

a) Be able to make a fully recovery, or

b) Make as good a recovery as possible if the injury has been particularly bad.

Too many people get this very wrong, they think if they can just let the injury completely repair itself, with no real effort on their part they’ll be back to normal.  When in reality if the injured area is not put through its full range of movement, or as near as possible within the guidelines given, it will be greatly reduced in its function.

An injury that could have repaired itself completely will now have limitations in its use in the future. And a particularly bad injury that was inevitably going to cause some loss of movement will not repair to the level that should have been achievable with the right exercise.

You will usually get one-to-one Physiotherapy help even with comparatively small injuries, as they know how important this is to making a full recovery.

But it is up to you to put the work in yourself between these visits.  This will make the whole process of recovery a lot easier.  Instead of each Physio session being difficult and painful you will be able to push on through to the next level of recovery each time.

If your general fitness and lack of exercise is being hampered by an old injury, don’t give up if you’re sure you know what the problem is you need to find a fitness plan that can work around this area.  If you’re not sure what is causing the problem it might be stiff joints or sore muscles, the best thing to do is see your Dr. for a full medical.  Tell him about the exercises or Sport that you do – or are thinking of doing and you will get good advice.

The Medical profession more than anyone know the importance of activity and exercise at any age – especially in your 50’s, and will do everything they can to help you achieve this.

I’ve known a few guys who get bogged down in all this.  Sometimes it’s  too easy to get depressed  when faced with these issues.  And that isn’t going to help – on all levels.

Your mindset is “key”, don’t focus on what you used to do, or what you can’t do now.  Make a plan to stay fit and active and embrace new ideas for exercises or Sports that you can do.

You can maintain your fitness around injuries.

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