Fitness At Christmas

Well it’s here again, Christmas.  How do we keep our fitness at Christmas? It’s that time of year when we eat, drink and be merry.  Let’s face it; we’re all up for a bit of that!  In Winter we always want to eat more anyway, and Christmas is the time when we can, or can we?

I’ve put on a bit of weight this week.  I’ve been out and about, a few Parties, some Cake and Mince Pies – I’ve always had a sweet tooth! But I’m not going to worry about it because I know where I am with this eat, drink and be merry thing, and I am going to enjoy it.  So if that’s you too – you know what I mean. You’ve  got it all in balance, and of course that means not eating everything in sight, and you do a regular exercise routine.

If you’re overweight now before we get into the festive eating, you have two choices.  As I see it you can carry on as you are, but not really enjoying the feasting because you know you have a growing problem already, which is getting worse, but you will carry on anyway because you don’t understand it and  have no control, and that is where your problem lies.  You can’t see clearly how to deal with this weight gain that really kicked in when you got into your Fifties.

You keep telling yourself it’s not that bad, all guys put weight on don’t they?  Well yes they do, but the big difference is being aware of this and doing something about it to get it under control, so you can still enjoy your food at Christmas, or whenever.  And if you think you can just carry on in the same old way, maybe do some exercises in the New Year, I’m here to tell you it just won’t work.

It’s the old 80 – 20 rule, diet is key.  80% of your weight gain is governed by what and how much you eat, and 20% is by the amount of physical activity you do.  It’s a lifestyle change you need to make in your 50’s, not a weight loss plan.

So I would say why don’t you decide to start making the changes you need to make now, in your head.  There’s a lot on this website that can help you achieve this.  Cut down a bit on the portion sizes over the holidays and, then you will enjoy your food.  Come back here in the New Year, and I’ll get you where you need to be, with your health, fitness, and diet and get your weight under control once and for all. So you can just get on with your life without worrying about this all the time, like I know a lot of guys do.

So eat, drink and have it under control.  And you will be merry at Christmas in your 50’s and beyond.  Fitness at Christmas can be yours.

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