Fitness, Mindset And Stamina

I love Cycling and to see Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France was just electric.  The fitness, mindset and stamina of the guy is just incredible.  When he was asked about his win, he said (and I quote) “It’s the childhood stuff of dreams”.

We all need dreams in our life.  They are very powerful and put your mind in the zone of what you want to achieve.  But a dream will only remain a dream without action steps no matter how small they are to start.  Once they are in place and done, they will build until you have the full focus of achieving your dream, and nothing can stop you from chasing it, grabbing it and making it your own.

You’ve got to want it enough to dream about it and feel how it would be to achieve it.  If you need motivation in anything there is nothing more powerful than this.

So if your dream is to be fitter, healthier or just start to lose some weight, why not start now?  Want it, dream what it will be like, focus on it, and start taking the steps you know you need to take, to make this happen TODAY!

When I go cycling I sometimes cycle very demanding terrain, there are three hills to climb in the ten mile route I cycle near where I live.

As I start to ride I think about each one of these hills but as  I approach the first one  I increase my speed and fully focus on  meeting  this hill full-on, and then power into it.  When I’m in the zone of this hill, then and only then, do I look to the top making a mark of where the road surface changed or the tree at the top is, and just power full out with no other thought than being on the top of that hill and free-wheeling down the other side.

In my mind, as I’m getting there, I see myself there and enjoying the “rush” of having made it, and the elation of achieving the goal and the reward of free-wheeling down the other side which I know awaits me  on this route.  The hill gives back majorly as steep as it  rise; it falls, except for the last one which climbs slowly and steadily to a main road.

This is a toughie and requires you to re-think and re-focus.  When you get to the top and join the main road, you have to think about traffic.  Having come from the long, quiet, steep lane, as this road goes into a long, slow, hill on a left-hand bend rising slowly.

You just keep thinking traffic, keep in, push harder.  I know that after the bend, the road starts to flatten out and you just keep your head down and push hard , and push harder still  until you’re on flat road.  I make my goal the sign-post for the Village where the road is completely flat.  Believe me when you have cycled this route, you feel there is nothing you can’t do, fitness, mindset, and stamina.  

Mind and Body working together.  Think it, dream it, and focus on achieving it.

photo credit: Team Traveller via photo pin cc

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