Fitness Over 50 It’s In Your Control

 Health and fitness over 50. It’s in your control and needs to be part of your focus every day; lifestyle, diet, and exercise are going to impact greatly on your future life and whether this will be long and healthy, or lingering in ill health, or to be blunt no future at all.

Scare-mongering?  Well I don’t think so!  I see it all the time and I’m sure you have too.  The sad fact is we all have so much choice in this if we are in control. I hear guys saying, “I could do with losing weight”, and “I feel so unfit I need to do something about it”.

They’ll look in the mirror and won’t like what they see, they’ll try on a pair of their favourite Jeans and they won’t fit.  They won’t like that, so they’ll put them at the back of the Wardrobe, and vow that they’ll get back in them some day!

The bottom line is they’re not happy with the way they look, or feel, they say they’re going to sort it out, when well may be the weekend.  When the weekend comes the good intentions to go for a long walk with the Grandchildren and try and keep up with them, yes they have notice how hard that’s been Cycling, Swimming, or whatever it was, they had intended to do, that would have made so much difference in the fact that they’ve actually taken the situation seriously and started to take some action has long gone.  And when it comes to Sunday Lunch they indulge in the Dessert/Cheese Board!

At this point they usually think to themselves, or sometimes verbally re-affirm, it to themselves or anyone who will listen, which I’ve heard on more than one occasion “ah well I’m a bit overweight, a bit more ain’t going to hurt.  I’ll sort it out”.  Well I don’t know about “out”, because this situation is already out of control.

This unhappy spiral towards ill health will continue.  They might have a health scare or shock, which will be a massive wake-up call to the seriousness of the problem.  And they’ll get a chance to turn the situation around. I’ve known guys who’ve successfully done this, but it’s not a place you would want to be.

Trying to move away from ill health can be done, but it’s so much easier if we do what we can, not to go there in the first place.

Fitness over 50 is so achievable.  You have two choices; your body will start to slow down, more so than it’s done before, you will start to put on weight even if you are fairly active.  If you just let this happen this process will accelerate, and that’s the big problem.

To solve it you need to take control.  Up to now you might not have thought about it much.  Some guys just think they can carry on the same way, but the reality for all of us is, we can’t!

This isn’t all doom and gloom.  We don’t have to run a Marathon every day or not eat our favourite food.  I personally don’t want to give up a lot of the foods I have eaten through my life up to now, though I’ve got to say, if the foods that you eat are mainly processed, that’s a problem for your body in its self at any age.

As I’ve said before you need to look at the whole range and choice of foods, and enjoy them all.  Keep it simple, you know you need to exercise, so do some.  You know what your weight is, and if you don’t you need to, and what it should be for your build.

If you’re overweight you need to work at it, to get it where it needs to be sooner, rather than later, it’ll only get harder to do.  Look at your diet first, then your exercise.  This needs to be in balance, one won’t work without the other.

So stop obsessing on the negative.  Visualise the positive outcome you want, and take some action.  You’ll lose weight.  You will be fitter and you’ll feel great – and your kids will notice too.  Then because it’s in your control you can sometimes indulge yourself at Sunday Lunch.

photo credit: dannymol via photo pin cc

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