Great Workout Tips For Men

James Patterson writes…Every year, men everywhere set a New Year’s resolution to finally get off the couch and get into shape. Here are some great work tips. But doing it is easier said than done. Life gets in the way, you get tired and you fall off the wagon. Remembering some easy workout tips for getting fit can help you be consistent and finally achieve the body of your dreams.

Take Care of Your Body

Warming up and stretching before you work out can end up improving your fitness as well as preventing injury. There’s no easier way to get off track with your fitness goals than to suffer an injury that sidelines you for several weeks or even months. Proper stretching can help prevent muscle tears and sprains and put your body in prime position to burn fat and get in shape. Do other things to take care of your body, such as limiting the amount of exercise you do and not exercising if you don’t feel up to it physically. Find a good pair of running shoes if you’ll be doing high-impact exercises like jogging or walking, and replace them every few hundred miles to keep your feet healthy and injury-free.
Focus on Form

Weightlifting is a popular form of exercise for men, but if you’re not doing it right, you may not be working your muscles that much and you could actually be putting yourself at risk for injury. Consult a fitness trainer for advice on how to properly perform weight training exercises. Take a spot partner to the gym with you so that you can avoid injury if you take on more weight than you can handle. Try weight machines, which use pulley and lever systems to create resistance and have the proper motion built into the machine.

Start Slowly

You may want to watch the pounds and fat fly off, but working out too much and too often, especially starting out, can be a recipe for disaster. Your body needs to be eased into a workout program, especially if you’ve been relatively sedentary for any period of time. If your goal is to run a marathon, for example, start with short distances and build up to the full distance over several months rather than trying to get ready for it quickly. Your body wants to shed excess pounds, but not if you push it too much. Too much exercise at once can cause your body to go into survival mode and to store fat rather than burning it.

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