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If you have been following me this year, we have all come a long way with our health and fitness at 50 and beyond.  And if you are here for the first time – welcome and enjoy…

There is a lot on this site from a real guy who was 55 in July this year. Who has researched what works for him and people he knows, to really keep motivated, stop the weight gain, lose it – if you already have it, get your health back on track, enjoy your food across the whole range, do exercise where you can see the results. Learn how to de-stress and relax, maybe for the first time in a long time.

We owe it to ourselves to make more “quality” time and prioritise our health and fitness, so we can live the life we really want and do the things that are enjoyable and important to us.  Time and energy for family, play with your children and grandchildren.

I feel sure from the people who have emailed me that we are all in the zone here.  Keeping our fitness going, discovering how to – and keep fit, wanting to get weight under control and keep it there, me included!

Because you are discovering what really works.   The things I say and write about are what I have researched, use myself and know the real value of, and that they work.

The weight loss and fitness market is worth some $60 billion plus, a year globally; yeah I know it’s staggering!  But  the question I ask myself is, if so much is being spent on health, fitness and weight loss, why are so many people on the Planet still struggling, overweight, miserable and not achieving what they want in their lives?

Well a lot of it is controlled by large media and marketing companies who want you to buy the latest “shiny product”, which more often than not, you will have no real chance of success with.  And when you don’t, you feel like the failure and will come back for something new.  Maybe this time “surely this will work!”  And you go down the same road again. From the research I have done this is a sad fact.

Well, there’s no big “media hub” here.  Just me keeping fit, weight under control and achieving it, exercising and enjoying it.  Relaxed at the end of the day, making some time for meditation, sleeping well and keeping well.

I think that’s all we want in our fifties, and it’s the last chance to make that difference in our lives.  It sounds so simple and it is.  With the right mind-set, some help and a bit of work that starts hard if you’re out of condition, but soon becomes so easy.  It’s enjoyable and part of who you are.

The struggle stops with your health, fitness, diet and weight loss.  And you have control. Please leave a comment in the box below.  I really want to know what you think, and if this is helping you.  Or email me directly at

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