Health Scare Shock, Running Up The Hill

worlds best grandadWoah! Health Scare Shock.  Hi Guys I’m really going to kick this one out here today. I’ve seen this happen so often in my lifetime to people I’ve known, including members of my own family.

If like me you’re in your 50’s, and you can’t walk-let alone run-slowly up a steep hill, say in your local park without falling down at the top, or worse than that having to give up all together.  Feeling your world’s gone white and you’re about to pass out.  I would say you’re getting a massive, and hopefully, a very early warning of possibly some serious health issues on the horizon.  And you need to act now!

If you have no past history of any medical problems, or no injuries, you think you’re totally fit. Right? And no one’s going to tell you any different.  Because only you know!

 How many times you have heard people talking  in shock about someone who has just been taken really ill, or worse.  It goes something like this “What! Not Joe, I only saw him down the Pub last week, he never had a day sick in all the time I’ve known him”. Then someone else joins in “he was as fit as a fiddle” I’ve known him all my life.  I remember he had the ‘flu once but he bounced back from that within Three days”.

And so it goes, everyone wondered what happened to Joe, but of course only Joe knew.

Why am I writing this today?  Well my mate, for the purpose of this we’ll call “Pete”.  Is Two years younger than me and has two great little Grandchildren.  His grandaughter is just two, and his grandson who is Six this year is a typical little boy, full of energy, into everything, and can’t wait for his Grandad to take him to the park at the weekends.

He plays in the Playground on the Climbing Frames and on the Slide, while “Pete” sits it out reading his Paper. But the best bit for the lad, so I’m told is having a kick about with his Grandad playing football.

“Pete’s” not happy this week because yesterday he had what he called, and I’ve heard this phrase so often, a “funny turn”

What is a “funny turn”?  Well if you ask me it’s far from “funny”.  From what I’ve seen and heard, it usually means there’s something going on, that isn’t quite right with your health.  And as I’ve said, if you’re lucky it’s an early warning and a chance to do something about it.

“Pete’s” been feeling the strain of being a Grandad lately, yes and he’s only 53!  I met him this morning; he was on his way back from the Dr’s, where he’d duly been packed off by his Wife.  And he told me about what the Dr said.

His Blood Pressure is too high, he is 21 pounds over weight.  The Dr. asked him about his lifestyle and diet, he told him he needs to lose some weight, and get some regular exercise. He admitted to me that he even found it difficult to tie his Shoelaces up after the Medical.  Poor “Pete’s” on a right downer!

It seems that yesterday “Pete” was trying to have a “Steven Gerrard” moment in the Park, when all of a sudden, his grandson, who had the ball, for some reason started to run up the hill in the Park, with “Pete” following.

Half way up the hill, over which his grandson had now disappeared “Pete” was gasping for breath.  And as he said everything went White and he thought he was going to pass-out.  He said he’d never been dizzy before, and he thought he was going to collapse.

He sat down to rest, but was worried because he couldn’t see his grandson.  As he said to me the lad’s not a baby anymore.  He thinks I’m his best mate, and I love that! But I can’t keep up with him!

Lucky for “Pete” his grandson came running over the top of the hill with his ball under his arm, Shouting “come on Grandad” let’s go over here and play. But “Pete” said let’s have a bit of a rest first son.  And as he said we took a slow stroll back, with “Pete” not kicking much of the football.  I felt about 75 he said.

I’ve known “Pete” for about Twelve years, and he’s a good mate, and he’s had a health shock, and I think he’s worried for the first time, about his health and the future.  But unlike a lot of guys he’s admitted it to himself, he’s obviously told his wife and he’s telling his mates, and knowing “Pete” I’m sure he’ll do something about it.  But it’s not going to be easy!  Portion size and exercise are not words that have been in “Pete’s” vocabulary up to now.

I’m his mate and of course I’ll help him but he’ll have to get over this health scare shock, make some lifestyle changes.  Take some action!

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