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It doesn’t matter if you are just looking at your fitness for the first time, this fitness guide will get you on track straightaway to easily and enjoyably gain and maintain fitness in your 50’s, and staying healthy in the years to come…

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This isn’t some trendy fitness and diet guide that you can find in any store – or even at your local library for that matter!

This book covers everything there is to know about fitness. A Guide to Staying Healthy is so easy to read and understand! In fact, some people have called it their own personal “Fitness Manual “! It’s the complete overview of where you are now and how you can maintain your fitness in your 50’s and beyond, getting started with simple basic steps that get results fast.



You’ll Uncover A Wide Array Of Action Steps aimed at men like us, Including Guidelines On How To Lead A Healthier Life from this day on…

I use these myself, so I know they work. In the beginning I didn’t want “hype” and neither do you, but have you noticed that usually that’s all you can find when you’re looking for help?

This is the “must have” Guide to leading a healthier life, and here’s how it came about…

My Story…

Several years ago when I reached my 50’s, I found I started to struggle.  It was not as easy to maintain the level of fitness I had.  So I started to look for the answers and the changes I needed to make.  I got tired of searching all over the place.

So I set about doing the research and looking for all the answers.  I toiled and toiled and tested everything I came across that sounded like it made sense while scrapping the obvious rubbish.  After about 3 years I had a routine and a system using the best things that worked for me, and the friends that got involved after they saw the changes that started to take place with my body.

We’re talking increased stamina through the day, a drastic reduction in the beer belly I’d developed and a new energy that “I just seemed to have around me”, (according to their wives!!!)

So I decided to create this definitive book on fitness for others who were in my situation.  I found out what really works and I kept it simple.  I included enough of the thorough information you need, to understand how to improve your overall health and fitness without getting bogged down with overly complicated routines that frankly do no good anyway.

To be quite honest with you  making the changes is easy when you have the right information and I’ve put it all together here for you in this book.  With these guidelines you can’t go wrong and I promise you that you won’t look back.

You’re going to discover everything about creating a healthy lifestyle with little effort!  Not only will you discover the ease of living healthier, but you’ll also learn extra tips too – the inside ” life tweaks” that I discovered along the way to make it easier and easier to get healthy, stay healthy and be “normal” at the same time.

This isn’t about some short term fad phase that the wife thinks you’re wasting your time on.  Believe me when friends of  hers start to smile knowingly when they’d come round and have a cuppa with her I knew I was on to something special!

This Is Just “A Little Taste” Of What You’ll Discover With Mens Fitness At 50: Your Guide To Staying Healthy

  Discover how to lose belly fat and stay in shape.

  Learn where you stand right now with your health.

  Find out how your blood pressure plays a role.

  Learn about your BMI.

  Discover your ideal weight.

  Discover where your most important measurements are.

  Find out how fitness does more than lose weight.

  Discover how to improve your mind fitness.

  Learn where the best place to start is.

  Will meditation help?

  Learn about establishing your overall fitness plan

  Discover why sleep is so important!

  Learn how your brain power can help you.

  Plus much MUCH More!

 This Book Really Is The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need.  And It’s So Easy To Read, And Action Now!  Everything Is In Plain English.

And not only can you be on your way to fitness at 50 (or more!) with my rock solid, cast iron, money back guarantee – their is no risk to you, that’s how confident I am this Guide can really change your life for the better, like it has mine.  So what are you waiting for?

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To your health and fitness


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