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man swimmingIf you know how to swim chances are you haven’t been in the Swim for a while.  Maybe like me in the past you don’t swim from one Holiday to the next, and every time you do you say things like “that was really great, I’ll have to start swimming again when I get home”, and your family and friends that you’re with usually echo the same sentiments, but it never happens.

When you’re on holiday swimming pools are never usually far away, but once you’re back home, unless you’re lucky to live within walking distance of your local Leisure Centre, it usually means having to make a trip there, which in my case is Four miles away.  Therein lies the problem!  By the time we think about going after we’ve had a swim on holiday, our enthusiasm has waned as we can’t just do it in” the moment”. I tried to address this last year and have done more swimming by literally going.  Once you’ve been you’ll go again.  In your mind, you see yourself there enjoying it and feeling fit

The thing is if you haven’t been to your local swimming pool in a long time, and for some people I’ve spoken to it’s been years!  You’ve probably got an outdated view of what they’re like, Cold, Draughty, Basic facilities, Crowded and Children screaming.  Well nothing could be further from the truth…Go on line now and look at your local Leisure Centre.

Yes they can be busy but they usually have timetables so you can pick a time when it’s quiet.  Some of them have just Lane Swimming Sessions, where you can swim at your own pace, as much, or as little, as you want to.  They’re warm, with great facilities all provided in the cost of a swimming session.

I usually swim for 30 minutes, spend 15 – 20 minutes in the Steam Room –  which is more than enough for me. I Shower, and them I’m on my way home. Like with all exercise if you’re just starting or haven’t exercised in a while you should consult your Doctor for a check up.

If you’ve never swum I’ve got to say you’re really missing out but the great thing is you needn’t.  These days there lots of Classes for all ages and abilities.  Maybe you can basically swim, but haven’t in years.  Either way with some coaching you’ll be in the swim, and glad you did.  Working out in water is so easy compared to any other type of Sport or Exercise you may be thinking of starting.

So I would say if you want to get back in the swim, or start swimming for the first time, just make the effort and go – you’ll be glad you did!  It will soon become part of your Fitness routine.  Once a month would be a good start, once a week would be great as part of your Fitness Plan.

One thing’s for sure you’ll be swimming a lot more than you have in a long time, and like me you’ll wonder why you ever stopped.  It’s enjoyable and a complete workout.



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