It’s Time To Think Fitness

Time to think fitnessThe last of the Mince Pies have gone. It’s time to think Fitness, check out the weight gain – if any, and put our Fitness Plan in place for the New Year.  I personally only gained 2lbs over Christmas. (but then I did do a lot of walking).

My brother has a very lively 18 month old “working Cocker Spaniel”, and she gave me a great reason to go for long walks with other members of my Family, who were staying over Christmas and New Year.  So on average over the Holiday, including Christmas Day, I was walking between 4 and 5 miles as opposed to my usual 40 minute Bike ride, which I usually start the day with.

Most guys our age have had a bike of some description and learned to ride it.  It may have been as a child, or you may have carried on cycling into your adult life.

If you don’t have a bike now and have cycled in the past, I would definitely recommend taking up cycling again.  It’s true what they say “once you learn, you never forget”. 

Cycling is undoubtedly a great way to get about and stay fit.  As I work at home this is my only outing at the start of the day.  Even though in the past I have cycled to my place of work, which I would highly recommend if you live within 5 miles of your workplace – to keep it realistic, or just plan a local cycling route for fitness.

I have planned a route locally which is just over 6 miles in total, taking me from the Village I live in to the next Village and back by a different way.  There is a great balance in cycling this route as I usually say “it gives and takes back” in the amount of effort it takes to complete the route, which involves several steep, fast hill drops, and two steep climbs for ½ mile.  A meandering lane dropping down to the next Village with very little effort. by the time I reach the main road which I only need to negotiate for around 200 yards to reach the bridle path, which takes me on a steady climb for most of the return journey, with just one hill drop.  By the time I finish this I’m usually “buzzing”. Breathing deeply, thinking clearly. 

Yes it’s great burning off the mental cobwebs, and ready to start the day.



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