Kettlebells Lose Weight Build Muscle

Can I do this in my 50’s?

Everyone wants strong bones and a healthy body.  After the age of 40 this becomes a lot more challenging muscle mass and bone density starts to drop, and by the time an average man reaches the age of 50, muscle loss speeds up causing him to lose around 10% of muscle mass every 10 years.Muscle

It’s during this time that your metabolic rate starts to significantly slow, which can lead to rapid weight gain. The muscle mass that you had in your earlier years will not only decrease but your bones can also become brittle.

The good news is you can greatly slow down this process as well as strengthen your bones.  So you can be strong, healthy and muscular, with your weight under control, well past your 50’s.  Not to mention you’ll look good too.

So the answer is “YES” you can definitely build and maintain muscle in your 50’s and beyond!

So how do you build muscle?

The first thing you need to do is accept the fact that if you want to control your weight and maintain your muscle you are going to have to make some changes, and commit to getting your diet under control and doing the right sort of exercise.  Maintaining that muscle seems to be the hard part for most people.  Especially if the muscle breakdown process has already begun.  Take action now and this can easily be reversed.

I have found the answer to all this in Kettlebell Training for building muscle and achieving weightloss, two of the biggest challenges that most men have as we age. In fact with a sensible diet, their is no other exercise you would need to achieve these results.  You have Cardio weight resistance and Fat burning all in the one routine.

I have found to help you get started right now.   This not only covers all the exercises you would ever need but also helps you plan your nutrition aswell. Even if you have not done any exercise in a while you can get started straightaway and you will see results in the first few weeks.

Believe me, I don’t know of  anyone who has committed to a well structured Kettlebell Training Program, who has not seen results: burning fat, losing weight, and building muscle, improved posture, and generally, totally  rejuvenated. once they’ve worked through the initial pain barrier. It’s the ultimate to achieve this and a whole lot more!

Kettlebells come in various weights.  Guys usually find they can start with a weight of 8-12kgs, but the weight you start with is not important.  Following a Program closely for this is essential. Learning the exercise routines or “reps” as they are referred to.  This will prevent injury and you can scale the weight up as you become more confident.

There is no need to join a gym or spend big bucks on a personal trainer.  This can all be done in your own home with a Kettlebell of your choice and this amazing Program.  ‘Bodyweight’ exercises are an essential part of your fitness Program when you’re in your 50’s.

Kettlebell exercises involve 3 essential movements: the squatting, the pushing, and the pulling movement. These movements all target the major muscle groups. When you have mastered these  routines you can increase the weight if you wish.

Before doing any workout, always be sure to perform a proper warm up to loosen up your muscles and get your heart rate up. After the workout, a cool down and stretching period is necessary to avoid future possible injuries.

When you are following an exercise Program  the last thing you want  is to hit a plateau, where there is no challenge left because your body is so used to the same old routine. This will definitely not happen with a Kettlebell Program.

Staying active is key here, and the goal is to stop age in its tracks, so start now and you can have a body you can be proud of in your 50’s and beyond.