Kettlebells…The Story So Far

The story so far…It began for me last year.  When surprisingly I discovered Kettlebell Training for the first time, whilst researching Weight and Resistance Training.

It seemed to have been under my radar somehow.  I think mainly because I had not been interested in Weight Training.  As I have said in the past, it never really appealed to me.

But as I got into my fifties I started to learn that you needed to do some resistance training as you get older, to maintain your muscle mass and how important this is to your mobility, or lack of it, if you don’t do some.  So I was aware but put it on the “back-burner” as it were.  Not having found anything I wanted to do.

When I read about Kettlebells and saw people using them on Youtube, I started to see the power of them and the fun and the results they were achieving this really lit my fire.  So I decided this would be the year that I started to do some of – what is called “Free Weight Training”.  And for me it was going to be Kettlebells!

I hadn’t done Free Weight Training before; in fact the only weight training I had done was to have a go on the weight training machines, which I didn’t like,  in the local Gym when they were doing one of those free day promotional Gym Passes they give out now and again, to try and drive the membership up.

I don’t know why but I just knew I was going to enjoy Kettlebells   And now after doing it at home for 12 weeks by myself, which I’ve got to say was really hard.  I was Squatting, Racking, Cleaning, Pressing and Swinging! Just a few of the terms used to describe the “reps” you work through.  But I felt I needed more guidance to build my confidence, and create more variety of exercises and that I was targeting all the muscle groups in a safe way.

In the current “drive” in the UK to try and get more people to take responsibility for their health and fitness, a lot more fitness classes and small Gyms have been opening in local Schools.  A new Gym was opening 15 minutes’ drive from where I lived.  It was being promoted in the local Supermarket.

I told them the sort of exercises I did and they were quick to point out that they were starting up a Kettlebell Class.  Yes! “Get in there” I thought.  Now I know this was a Gym, but this was going to be a Class with a fully qualified Fitness Instructor who had trained with Kettlebells.

So in the last week of my 12 week home Kettlebell Training Programme, I went along to my first Kettlebell Class, of which there was just 3 people including me as a lot of people didn’t know about it starting.  Well 7 weeks in there are 2 Classes a week, where on average there are 12 men and women in each.  Making a start on your own at home is great, but I would definitely recommend you join a Class, you will get a lot more out of it than just doing it by yourself.

At home I was using an 8 kg weight, on joining the Class the Instructor suggested taking the weight down to 6 kg  because he said it was more important to get the exercises right, get used to the routines and the “reps” as they are called, and then increase the weight.  This has worked well.  In the last couple of weeks my confidence with the exercises has come together, and I have increased the weight back to 8 kg.

As you know I enjoy keeping fit and now adding Kettlebells has finally brought everything into balance by doing Kettlebells   By the time you do the warm up without the Kettlebell  and then the 55 minute Class which comprises of 37 exercises which makes sure you work every muscle group in your body you have done Cardio, Weight resistance, and Toning. You finish the Class with gentle stretching.

So I would say if you are eating a sensible diet and do a Kettlebell Class twice a week, there is no other exercise you would need to do unless you wanted to.  Remember you’ve got to enjoy it.  It’s hard when you start as most exercise is and in a Class you will be pushed to the max, so that you achieve the most out of it, which is what I wanted because the guy who does it knows his stuff.

You will ache after the first few times, especially if have done no exercise in a while.  I have had a few good laughs with the Group I’m in, about the aches and pains.  Some are like me and have been exercising, and some-shall we say- have not done much.  They have felt more pain but feel great now.

And as for me I would be a liar if I told you that I didn’t ache, I did the first week, legs, back, core.  But now they love it.   That’s because you are using muscle groups that have felt abandoned, and when you work these, and work them more over the weeks, you really feel your body rejuvenating.

I thought I was fit but weight training with Kettlebells has been a total revelation.  So if you’ve been looking for something you could start with why not give it a go you should go for a check-up with your Doctor first because you body’s in for a shock but a good one.  I can honestly say I have never felt as fit as now.

Your body and fitness will always come back to where you want it to be if you work it and make it happen.  Kettlebells can most definitely do this for you.

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