Lifestyle Change – The Tough List

Lifestyle?  Sometimes in life we have to make some choices which are not easy.  I call it the “Tough List”  Hopefully you are happy with the life you have made, now that you’re in your fifties.  And if not you can do something about it.  Lifestyle is a huge area to cover in a Blog Post and being 55 myself I could probably write about it for a week, and would still not cover all the elements.

I would guess though as you’ve come to this website it’s more about your health and fitness, how you are feeling, looking, energy levels, motivation at work/at home.  Even for the people in your life. And the things you want to do.

Maybe you’ve just started to feel like this, or maybe you’ve been drifting without any focus for a while.  We have all been there at one time or another.  And though people close to you will notice and want to help, change for the better can only come from you.

This can be tough.  Well we have had to make some tough decisions before in our lives.  Maybe in our work life or for our families, I know I have, most of us have been there.  So now you have to make a tough decision for yourself.  You want your health and fitness back before it’s too late.  This will ultimately benefit your family and the people around you.  But this time it’s about you first.

You need to stop drifting, focus and put the work in. You know deep down you want it, and can do it.  I’ll cut to the chase with this.  I call it the Tough List.

Obviously I don’t know you but if you came to me and said you needed, and wanted to make a big change in your Lifestyle now that you’re in your fifties, that you wanted your health and fitness back on track, and you seriously want to make it your no.1 priority, and you want to start to see results straightaway.  Because you’ve only played at it in the past, fallen at the first hurdle and never got up, blamed it on the fact that you have no time, that the Weightloss Plan didn’t work, you’re too tired to exercise,   you said you would do more walking, but always get in the car.  Everything is a chore because you’ve got no energy.

This is what I would say…

Ok so you’re serious, right? You’re not happy.  Well “happiness comes from within”. You can have all the help you want.  But  it’s down to you!  Full-throttle,  in the right direction starting now today, not tomorrow, not next week.

The Tough List

Go to see a Doc.  Yeah, yeah.  I know you don’t want to.  You probably   haven’t seen one in years. Well if you haven’t, you’re well over due for a check-up now you’re in your 50’s. You want a big change in your health and fitness, this is where you must start.

Are you overweight? Yeah.  Well you need to cut your diet in half right now, starting with your next meal.  It’s drastic yeah, but you want results.  It’s going to hurt, but inside 6 weeks you will see the difference.  It’s a fact we all eat too much.

Do you drink? Yeah.  Well you need to cut this right back, or stop it all together for a while.

Do you Smoke? Yeah.  Well I can’t give you first-hand experience with this one, because I never have.  But I know people who have made this change,  crushed them up and walked away.  Try electric cigarettes, I’m told they work.

Do you exercise? No.  Well you need to start. No if’s or but’s. The balance to make all of this work from where you are is 20% exercise, 80% diet to get the results.  I’m not going to tell you here what to do, or, how much to do. Just start doing something NOW!  If you don’t know what,  then subscribe to the website and you can have a free “Quick Start 7 Day Fitness Plan”.

How are you going to do this?  Well start by making more time for yourself.  It needs a bit of thought to make it happen, but it’s not about thinking, it’s about taking action!  Use this List as your Plan to get you started.

Remember this is full-throttle, right? And it works.  I’m sure you don’t want any” fluff and filler”.  You definitely won’t get any from me!  I’ll only give you things that work and will help you make it through the” Tough List”. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Have a look at the rest of the website.  Please leave a comment in the box below.  I really want to know what you think.  Or email me directly at

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