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Ok, Mens Fitness Plan that maintains and builds muscle.  If you read my blog posts last week, I talked about building muscle in your 50’s and beyond and why it’s so important.  And we’d established that the only way to do this as part of a Fitness Plan was to do some form of weight training.

Back in March I wrote “When you do free weight training your entire body is supporting the weight”.  And it was this ongoing research to make weight training part of my fitness plan, and find something that I would enjoy and be enthusiastic about, that has led me to start Kettlebell Training.

If you already have a fitness plan and it incorporates some kind of weight training you will probably understand most of what I’ve talked about over the last week, or hopefully I may have filled in a few of the gaps with my research.

Now if you’re a guy who’s visiting my blog for the first time, and you’re still sitting on the fence, with a lack of focus and not knowing what to do to get fit, even though you know you need to do something.

Maybe your own body’s telling you, maybe your partner’s telling you, or worse still you’ve had a scare or shock with your health and general lack of fitness, and your Dr’s told you to do something about it Now!

Mens Fitness with Kettlebells

Well from the research I’ve done and the training I’ve started, if you forget about the stereotypical exercise plans and mens fitness programmes that obviously don’t inspire you to take action, you could not do any better than to start to look at Kettlebell Training.

Or if like me you like to exercise but want more variety and need to bring an element of weight training into your Plan, as I did, to maintain and build muscle.  This from my own experience is definitely for you.

Why am I so enthusiastic about this?  It’s something completely different; you can do it by yourself, or in groups.  Anybody can start to learn to work with Kettlebells at their own pace, and with a weight that is suitable for them.

It is recommended that guys start with 12kg and work up to 16kg and beyond if you wanted to.  But I would say it’s more important that you actually get started.  If you haven’t exercised in a while, any exercise will be challenging.  So start at a weight that’s comfortable for you.

Kettlebells usually start from 4 kg, and if that was easier to get you in to the training and the right posture to exercise correctly, from no exercise at all, I would say that would be a great start!

 Some of the basics

 Kettlebell training is not only weight training, it is a great Cardio workout when you get up to speed.  It takes your body through a full range of movements which is so important, to not only maintain muscle, but to stretch and keep flexibility providing you have no current injuries or health issues.  If you have, you should check with your Dr. before commencing this training.

It is good for a total all over body workout including Toning, from the Shoulders through to the Back, improving Posture and Balance.

People who observe Kettlebell Training tend to think there is a lot of Arm work.  This is because in one of the basic exercises known as the “Swing”, it can look as though the Arms and Shoulders are doing all the work.

“Swings” are for Leg, Hip and Core Muscle Training, and is about driving the Hips in the same sort of motion you would use in running or jumping, and moves most of the body.

The Back and Shoulders do not pull or lift the Kettlebell during the “Swing” exercise, but instead act as stabilisers, providing the exercise is carried out correctly.

I will keep you up to date with my progress with this amazing exercise.  It’s going to take a bit of work, but from my experience, it could be the only exercise you would ever need.

This is taking Mens Fitness, Oh yes, Women do it too! To a whole new level, all in one Fitness Plan that is so intense, it only needs to be done on alternate days.  

Let me know what you think.  Comment below.

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