Mentally Motivate Yourself Now!

If you want to be successful at anything in life you undoubtedly need to be motivated.   Without motivation, we cannot have success.  What is the process to motivate you?  You might be surprised that motivation is easier to come by than you thought.

Self-motivation is something that begins in the mind and ends in the mind.  Motivating yourself mentally can definitely be the answer you have been looking for to help accomplish your long awaited goals in life.

Maybe you are normally a motivated person but lately you seem to have hit a slump due to excess stress, depression or anything else that is strong enough to stop your motivated routine.  This is natural and happens to everyone at some point.

If you have multiple things in life you want to accomplish, you are most likely finding it difficult to start anything because you just don’t know where to begin.  So step one to motivate yourself mentally is to know how to focus or re-focus if you hit that slump. 

Decide which of your goals you want to accomplish first, start small and temporarily remove the other goals from your mind for later.  If you have too much on your mind, you will have a greater chance of getting overwhelmed and will wind up giving up too fast.  Force your mind to focus on one goal and always start small.

Next you need to imagine how your life will be different once the goals are accomplished.  Most likely you will envision yourself as being happier which will give you the boost of motivation you need to keep at your goal.

Another excellent way to motivate yourself is to always stay positive no matter what happens in life.  Negativity will kill your energy, which will then, in turn kill any motivation you may have had.  If something comes up in your life that has a negative effect, try to immediately find the positive in the situation.  Your mindset will determine your success.

A big way to start your day with motivation is to wake up early each morning.  Starting your day early will mean not having to rush to get things done.  You will allow yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do in a relaxed mode, and feeling refreshed and energized is a motivation booster in itself.

Dedicate a specific time of day to work on your goal.  This way you always have it on your mind and it will be harder to ignore when that certain time comes around each day.  Set your mind and follow through with it each day.

Hang pictures or cutouts that show your goal. For example, if you want a strong lean body, find some magazine cutouts emphasizing the body you want to achieve.  If it is a new car you want to buy, cut out pictures of the car and place the pictures somewhere that you tend to frequent.  Good places to post cutouts are the corner of your computer screen, your bathroom door, your refrigerator or maybe inside your car.  Doing so stimulates the brain to enhance motivation.  You could also simply write out what you want to achieve on paper and hang those little notes in the places listed above.

It is said that if you tell family, friends or co-workers about the goal you are working on, you will be more likely to stick with it.  If you don’t follow through, you risk feeling like a failure and no one wants to feel like that in front of people they are close with.

Something similar to what I mentioned above, is to find a friend, family member or co-worker that has the same goal(s) you have.  Work together with that person for added motivation.  You are in it together and will have a much less chance of failing when you know someone is by your side relying on you to keep them going also.

Tell yourself you are a winner and that you can and will face any challenges that come your way.  You can’t possibly lose at something when you constantly tell yourself that you are a winner.

A good way to make you feel great about accomplishing parts of your goal is to reward yourself for completing steps of your task.  Your reward can be anything from going out to dinner to devoting a time in your day or week to do something you fully enjoy.  Your brain recognizes rewards and thus you will be motivated to reach the next step to simply get the reward.

Make each day count, because you can’t get back missed time.  Do something each day that pushes you towards your goal.  Or if that’s not possible to do every single day, then at least do something each day that makes you feel happy.  When you feel happy, the mind is stronger to do bigger and better things with a better attitude.

Give yourself a deadline.  A certain day and time on the back of your mind, will always have you thinking of what you need to do daily to make the deadline possible.  When a goal is always on your mind, you have a much better chance of completing that goal.

If you fail, get back up and try again.  This is something you learn as a child and it is even more important that you implement this later in life as an adult.  You should not allow yourself to fail, but I understand that it happens.  This is why it is important to break down each goal you have into smaller steps so that when you fail at a step, its not too difficult to get back up and try again because the task will be small.   Don’t look back and keep your mind focused to stay ahead of the game.

If there is something you want to accomplish today, then you should do it.  You should never let life pass you by as you think about what you can do to without going after your goals at full force.

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