Mindset – Flat But Not Out

Well this week I’ve had a lot more exercise than usual.  What, more exercise! I hear you say.  Yes, lifting, squatting, kneeling, reaching, stretching, climbing, all this and I didn’t move out of my living room!  Have you guessed it?  Yes, I’ve been decorating.  Scraping, washing, sanding, painting, painting and more painting.

I’ve always enjoyed D.I.Y.  I’ve renovated quite a few properties over the years, and I can honestly say if I didn’t exercise regularly, I don’t think I could do it on this scale now.  But I’ve still managed to fit in some cycling at the start of the day.

That was until this morning!  I had a lot to get through today, but when I got up, I was so totally focussed on cycling and what route I was going to take, I put my high-vis vest on, just strapped my helmet on, put my bike on the road, threw my leg over the cross-bar, looked over my right shoulder and was just about to power away, when I realised I wasn’t going anywhere.

In my hurry I had not done the basic checks that I usually do before I take my bike onto the road.  When I pick it up I usually give it a little “bounce”, and check the tyres and the brakes.  Yes, I’ve had a brake cable snap before now-not good, luckily it was the front one, but when you’re speeding down steep hills on tight, twisty bends, in narrow lanes, you need all the brake power you have, there’s always a chance of a tractor coming the other way which fills the lane.

Well that wasn’t going to be “happening” today.  As I put my weight down on the saddle, I realised my back tyre was completely flat.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed.  Yet another puncture!  I could write a book on punctures, but that’s for another time.

In my mind up until I sat on the saddle, I was already tearing down the lane.  It’s such a “rush”, as I come out of the road where I live, and turn left, the lane completely drops away, and you pick up speed rapidly which gets the brain and the adrenalin pumping, before you exert any real physical effort.

To fix this puncture was going to take probably 20 minutes or more.  When this happens I usually abandon the cycle ride.  I fix it later in the day, or make it part of my prep for my cycle ride the following day as I’m just burning to go.  I will do some other exercise instead.

Today I wanted to be in that lane, but I would jog instead.  So I abandoned the bike and the helmet, and after a quick change of shoes, yes, the right footwear is important especially for running.  I jogged to the next village and back, a total of just under 4 miles.  I would choose cycling over jogging any time.  I don’t jog as much now as I used to, but I keep my hand in – or should I say foot!

And at weekends I walk on average about 4 miles at the beginning of the day.  Usually with my Brother and his Working Cocker Spaniel.  This dog lives to run.  Oh! If I could only bottle that energy.

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