Muscle For Life

I think you know now you need muscle for life. I’ve just typed out a 12 week Kettlebell Training Plan. Which as I said yesterday I’m pretty excited about. I’ve just started doing a few simple Swing Exercises every day with an 8kg Kettlebell. And am now moving up to a 12kg, which is the recommended weight for a guy to start some serious training with. Watch this space!

I seem to have spoken to a lot of people this week regards fitness, and it seems to have come up in all sorts of conversation. Which I must say I haven’t started all of them, even though I always like to talk about it, because I enjoy it.

That got me thinking. I’m sure like me you’ve known a lot of guys in your life probably family members, possibly friends or neighbours who are ten or more years older than you.

When you think about these people their lives are so diverse not only in the way they live them, because we’re all different, right? But in the levels of ability to maintain the life they have, and to be the person they always were, doing the things they wanted to do.

It always comes down to how active they’ve been, barring disease, and even this is influenced by our mindset, diet, and the exercise we do – or don’t do, as the case may be.

Now it’s also true that the inactive guys, well a lot of the ones I’ve known, are distant memories, they’ve just faded away. Whereas the active ones are larger than life, whenever you meet them they are still the same person.

They may look a little older; well we all do, a bit of Grey, a few more wrinkles! But they don’t act older. They still move, and do what they’ve always done, and it some cases they’re doing a lot more because they have the time, and more importantly the health and fitness to do it.

Then I was having a conversation with a load of guys when the topic of age came up. We all agreed that we’re the first generation that hasn’t really gotten old. Certainly not in our heads, I don’t know about you, but I feel Thirty in mine! Which was a good age? And as far as possible I want the body to match.

I still want to know everything and do everything. And the great thing is I know it’s always going to be this way. We are not lost in a time warp harking back to the past.

I know two particular guys who are well into their 70’s, and whenever I meet them they are usually out walking their dogs, and I don’t mean to the Store on the Corner and back in Ten minutes.

These guys are out in all weathers, walking up hills and through valleys two hours plus a time, they still drive, and yet think nothing of walking half a mile to the local Pub for a pint and a chat.

Where I lived before I had two dear old neighbours. The guy was Eighty Six years old at the time and had been active all his life. He used to tell me about the things he’d done and the places he’d seen.

He played a lot of Sport. Always enjoyed walking and travelling. And at Eighty Six he and his wife still used to travel all over Europe in their Caravan. I don’t like Caravans! But I sure want to be able to travel like that when I’m Eighty Six.

He used to have his own Building Co. and would always have a little building project “on the go”. I say “little project” at 86 he was building a raised decorative stone fish pond, which was about 10ft long and 5ft wide. He also went to the local College to learn Computer Skills.

This guy lived every day to the full.

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