Nutrition And Supplements

It is an undeniable fact that as you age, your body will go through changes.  Although these changes are a natural part of aging, there are certain changes that occur are crucial to keep an eye on, when you are a male reaching the age of 50.

As you’ve probably heard a thousand times, getting the proper vitamins and nutrients into your body at any age is a very important part to getting older gracefully.  This is especially true after you turn 50. Nutrition

What you may not know though is that your body now needs and requires different amounts of key vitamins and nutrients.  Not only vitamins and nutrients come into play when you are a man trying to stay healthy after 50.  You need to also pay close attention to what foods you are eating as well as how much food you should be eating.

First lets look at vitamins and what they can do to maintain your health and how they can protect you.  Osteoporosis, which is a huge concern for men over 50.  It causes the bones to become weak which means they can more easily break.

You can prevent or greatly lessen the probability of getting this bone weakening disease by taking in the right amounts of calcium and vitamin D.  Calcium supports strong bone structure and if you are over 50 you should be taking in 1,200 milligrams per day.

Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium.  The D vitamin is needed to help absorb the calcium you are taking in.  It is recommended that a man over 50 should be taking 1,000 IU of this vitamin per day.  The best and easiest way to get your daily dose of vitamin D is simply being outside in the sunlight.

Another potential problem that you would want to avoid is Alzheimer’s.  Vitamins C and E are very helpful in preventing memory loss.  You should aim for at least 100 mgs of vitamin C and 20 mgs of vitamin E per day.

Lycopene is helpful in the prevention against prostate cancer.  Eating more fruits and vegetables is said to be more beneficial then taking lycopene in supplement form, so be sure to load up on tomatoes on your next shopping trip.

You should always try to take in the actual food source of the vitamins and nutrients listed above as opposed to a supplement for them.  However, I know that is difficult to do every day.  So it is great to have a bottle of good quality multi-vitamin specifically designed for men in their 50’s.  Just read the label to be sure all the important components I mentioned above are in the supplement you choose.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, foods you are eating and the amounts of food can impact your health over 50.  An older man cannot eat the way he did in his 20’s.  Your body will not burn off calories the same way it did back then.  So the result of not burning off excess calories is gaining fat, something no one hopes for.  Be cautious with the amount and quality of the calories you take in.  Your best bet is to consume good calories from natural whole foods and to avoid all the processed foods we see overtaking our supermarkets.  Also, it is a good idea to calculate your calorie intake daily so you don’t overload.

Calories from fat don’t have to be avoided completely because there are different kinds of fat.  Trans fats and saturated fats should still be avoided or kept to a minimum but good fats on the other hand are great for you at any age. Healthy fats are found in avocados, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts and almonds to name a few.

If you are over 50 and not active, 2,000 calories per day is the most you should be taking in to stay healthy and lean.  However, I do know there are definitely some active men in their 50’s out there and these men can take in around 2,600 calories and still stay lean and healthy because the excess calories are being burned off with daily activities like exercising.  Just 30 minutes of exercising a day can rev up your metabolism, increasing your energy levels thus cause you to burn more calories.

So how much food should you eat each day when you are over 50?  Well, men in their 50’s have said that their appetite had gotten smaller.  Some have said that food just doesn’t taste like it used to, or that the foods they used to love, don’t seem to agree with them anymore. Don’t worry; all of these issues are normal.  Your body is constantly changing no matter how old you are.

As you read above, the amount of food you should be eating depends on how active or un-active you are.  However, if you feel like you are not getting enough food and nutrients into your body each day, then you need to aim for smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.  That way you wont get tired of what you are eating which causes you to get full too fast.  Also offer yourself a wide array of different choices of healthy fruits and vegetables and stay away from empty calories, which are foods that will fill you up with no nutritional benefits.

So now you are more aware of the important measures you need to take on in order to live a healthier happier life after 50.  Just because you aren’t so young anymore doesn’t mean you have to feel that way.  It is rather simple.  It is entirely up to you to treat your body right with the correct foods, vitamins, and nutrients. Keep at it and you may just surprise people around you at how wonderfully you are keeping up with your age.