Overweight And Your Mental Ability

Over weight and your mental ability and the possible risks of it leading to Dementia, have been in the press this week in the U.K.

A 10 year study of lifestyles has shown that the fatter people are, the faster their mental ability is depleted as they age.  And the Report said that as we approach mid-life we need to look at our diet, and cut the foods with high fat and salt content. quit smoking and start to  do some  regular exercise.

In the study 6,500 Britons with an average age of 50, were given a mental test three times over a 10 year period.  The group consisted of people who were obese or overweight. 31% had what is called metabolic abnormalities e.g. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or High Cholesterol.

The group who were obese and metabolically abnormal in some way had a reduction of 23% in their mental test results, compared to people who were fit and healthy.  This has finally proven the link that has long been held by the medical professional, that there is a link between our diet and mental health.

Well the good news is that it’s all avoidable if we make the right changes and a lot of people need to,because the current trend here in the U.K. is not good.  Nearly 50% of men and 43% of women could be obese by 2030, and will need treatment for the whole range of related diseases.

So I think the “writing is on the wall” as they say.  The question is: where you are in all this? And do you need to make a change to regain or maintain  your own health and fitness.  Only you know if you need to make lifestyle changes, and that’s what keeping fit and healthy is.

We may live a lifestyle that we feel happy with because it’s how we’ve evolved, and it’s what we’ve always done.  If you’re in your 50’s hopefully you’ve never had any ill health.  You may not have any old injuries, so you read things like this and think “I’m a pretty lucky guy” and yes you are.  Some guys  seem to plod along, and then the next thing they’re in a world of ill health and limitations.

People around them are shocked how could this have happened.  Some don’t get a chance to make any changes at all, a shroud of ill health surrounds them, and they’re gone!

But luckily a lot of us see some signposts in our life’s journey.  It may be weight gain, it may be muscle pain, it may be just not feeling as good as we used to.  All of these things are signs for you to start to make lifestyle changes, if you generally feel unhealthy, lack of energy, you really need to go and get that checked out with a Doctor.  Then you can make some positive changes, so you don’t feel like that again.

If you’re putting on weight don’t ignore it.  You will tell yourself that everybody puts on weight a bit as they get older, and that’s true.  But we can also do something about it to bring it back to what it needs to be, and keep it under control.

If you don’t exercise you will age faster, the ability to maintain movement through warming muscles, stretching and exercise is at the very essence of our species to survive and be independent both physically and mentally.

Fitness over 50 is everything.  Overweight And your mental ability is vastly impaired.  We have two choices, slow down, break down, and linger.  Or take responsibility for where you are right now.  Deal with the issues you have.  Power up, and move into the next phase of your life with your health and fitness as your priority.  And with the energy to make everything you want in life happen.

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photo credit: Michael Casey via photo pin cc

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