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Relaxation - Time Out!It’s a busy time of year for everyone and our aim is usually to get everything done, so we can relax with our family and friends, and enjoy the holidays. For a lot of people relaxing is the hard part, they can never switch off completely. The reason is they’ve forgotten how to make time for themselves, and this follows through in every aspect of their life including their health and fitness. Every day it’s as if we’re on a wheel, we just keep going. So that when we have a chance to get off, and have some time out, we don’t know how. Our minds still run at a thousand miles an hour.

We don’t really relax, we grab a bit of time away from the norm. Like a car engine we’re not in gear, but we are still revving away waiting for it all to inevitably start again. You, like a lot of people, have probably had to work so much harder just to get the time off for the holidays.

In your 50’s this is something that has got to change. You need to re-focus on YOU first, make some time for this and everything else will follow. I’d like to share some simple techniques to help get you started. Just 15 minutes today and every day from now on for yourself and see what a difference this will make if you do it.  Go to the “Route to Relaxation” after you have finished reading this.   You can use these right now to help you relax, in a real way maybe for the first time in a long time.

What else should you do? Make sure you get the right amount of sleep. You can’t shortcut this; sleep is a very important part of your health and fitness especially in your 50’s. When you can do this, you will start to see a real difference.  It will be easier to make changes in every aspect of your life. This may include goals you might have to improve your health and fitness, and reduce your weight?

All this and more is possible when you learn to take time out to focus on yourself first. You will be able to make changes to keep your life on track in your 50’s and beyond.

Relax – Health, fitness and weight loss start in the mind. Get your mind in the right state of “open-ness” and you can relax and sleep better. And start to make the changes that are right for you, Now!

This really does work, I do it every day. Relaxation take time out; make it a real part of your Christmas Holiday. You will feel so much better, and everyone around you will notice.

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