Fitness, Mindset And Stamina

I love Cycling and to see Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France was just electric.  The fitness, mindset and stamina of the guy is just incredible.  When he was asked about his win, he said (and I quote) “It’s the childhood stuff of dreams”. We all need dreams in our life.  They are very powerful and put your mind in the zone of what you want to achieve.  But a dream will only remain a dream without action steps no matter how small they are to start.  Once they are in place and done, they will build until you […] Read more »

Mindset – Flat But Not Out

Well this week I’ve had a lot more exercise than usual.  What, more exercise! I hear you say.  Yes, lifting, squatting, kneeling, reaching, stretching, climbing, all this and I didn’t move out of my living room!  Have you guessed it?  Yes, I’ve been decorating.  Scraping, washing, sanding, painting, painting and more painting. I’ve always enjoyed D.I.Y.  I’ve renovated quite a few properties over the years, and I can honestly say if I didn’t exercise regularly, I don’t think I could do it on this scale now.  But I’ve still managed to fit in some cycling at the start of the […] Read more »

Cycling In The Rain

Every morning I go cycling, it’s great Cardio exercise and not only that, I always find it clears my mind aswell and gets all the thought processes working. It’s supposed to be June!  Well that’s what the Calendar says.  But when I looked out the window this morning everywhere was wet and there was no one about as I went outside to get my bike. Oh yes, I don’t let the weather interfere with my exercise routine.  On the few occasions I don’t start the day with a bike ride, the day never seems to get off the ground! Yes […] Read more »

Fitness – You Know What, I Truely Believe You Can Do It!

Man on Beach

Fitness – you know what, I truely believe you can do it. If you’ve been following my Blogs, you will know by now, and I think I’ve demonstrated it, that getting fit and maintaining your fitness in your 50’s and beyond is quite easy to do.  The biggest hurdle by far is your mindset and determination, which I’ve talked about in previous blogs, sort this, just jump in and get started straight away.  If you’re a bit overweight there’s no need to buy complicated calorie counting fad diets, remember it’s all about balance and portion size.  Buying the latest piece […] Read more »


Cycling on beach

The 60-minute cycling hill workout was designed by cycling coach Lance Leener.  This workout burns 635 calories, according to “Fitness Magazine.” Ride your bike at a moderate pace for 15 minutes to warm up.  Then find a hill that takes between one minute and one minute and 30 seconds to climb.  You will climb this hill six times, riding down the hill in an easy gear to recover after each climb. Stay seated for the first two climbs, then stand halfway through the third and stand for the last two. Increase your resistance with each climb. Once you have finished your climbs, […] Read more »

It’s Time To Think Fitness

Time to think fitness

The last of the Mince Pies have gone. It’s time to think Fitness, check out the weight gain – if any, and put our Fitness Plan in place for the New Year.  I personally only gained 2lbs over Christmas. (but then I did do a lot of walking). My brother has a very lively 18 month old “working Cocker Spaniel”, and she gave me a great reason to go for long walks with other members of my Family, who were staying over Christmas and New Year.  So on average over the Holiday, including Christmas Day, I was walking between 4 […] Read more »