Fitness Over 50 It’s In Your Control

 Health and fitness over 50. It’s in your control and needs to be part of your focus every day; lifestyle, diet, and exercise are going to impact greatly on your future life and whether this will be long and healthy, or lingering in ill health, or to be blunt no future at all. Scare-mongering?  Well I don’t think so!  I see it all the time and I’m sure you have too.  The sad fact is we all have so much choice in this if we are in control. I hear guys saying, “I could do with losing weight”, and “I […] Read more »

The Caveman Diet

If you want good health and fitness for your mind and body you need The Caveman Diet. What another diet?  Huh heard it all before? Well stop and think again according to the latest research by Professor Arthur De Vany, our Genes contain information from strands of organisms that extend back over Two Billion Years.  And our diet should be what Man was eating 40,000 years ago, when we were hunters and gatherers.  In other words, Whole Food, Animals that have grazed on natural grass, Fish that swim in clean seas and rivers. We may well live in a modern […] Read more »

Thinking About Exercise

Thinking About Exercise

If you’ve been thinking about Exercise you’re probably looking for a Plan that works. I’ve been looking at the different Fitness Plans and tests people around the world have to do to demonstrate their fitness before they join a Profession they want to follow. The armed forces being one of the toughest. This is one I came across for the entrance for the United States Navy Seals.  I thought it would be interesting to share this with you. If you want success here you have to be prepared to get wet.  The Fitness Test is to qualify you for a program that […] Read more »

Fitness, Mindset And Stamina

I love Cycling and to see Bradley Wiggins win the Tour de France was just electric.  The fitness, mindset and stamina of the guy is just incredible.  When he was asked about his win, he said (and I quote) “It’s the childhood stuff of dreams”. We all need dreams in our life.  They are very powerful and put your mind in the zone of what you want to achieve.  But a dream will only remain a dream without action steps no matter how small they are to start.  Once they are in place and done, they will build until you […] Read more »