Men’s Health – Nutrition, Exercises, and Routines For Men

Nutrition for Men Cyndi Waters writes that the male body has a higher percentage of muscle tissue than the female body. To support lean muscle tissue, especially in active men, eating adequate amounts protein is essential. In fact, men who want to build muscle mass might benefit from slightly increasing the daily recommendation of protein in their diets. A diet that is built around lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs, poultry, and low-fat dairy products may better encourage muscle growth. Although too little protein in the diet can cause muscles to shrink, eating too much protein may actually stimulate weight […] Read more »

The Winter Weight Gain

I want to share with you what I’ve discovered about the Winter weight gain, a lot of us struggle with this it’s a common complaint of lots of people. In the Winter we all seem to add a few pounds.  When the Spring comes around it always seems hard to lose those extra pounds.  Why does this happen? The contributing factors are many; our Genetic disposition is to store extra fat when the Winter becomes colder, in the same way animals do.  For our ancestors this was vital to protect them from the cold, giving them extra fuel later in […] Read more »

Monthly magazine Men's Fitness to launch in new territories

Mark Sweney reports in The Guardian that Dennis Publishing is looking to capitalise on the boom in the men’s fitness market by striking a deal to expand monthly magazine Men’s Fitness into a number of international markets. Dennis has struck a deal with American Media (AMI), the publisher of titles including National Enquirer, Flex and celebrity news title Star, to develop Men’s Fitness into an “international power brand” targeting markets where fitness and active pursuits are growth sectors. Dennis will be hoping to emulate the success the title has seen in the UK which, against a backdrop of mostly dire ad […] Read more »