Attitude to Fitness keeps you Young at Heart

Your attitude to fitness keeps you young at heart.  There is no doubt about that. We all want to keep our health and fitness to do the things we’ve always done.  Maybe even some of the fun things, that we’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time. I’m 56 at the end of this week and as clichéd as it sounds I do believe that age is just a number. In this day and age fifty is the new Thirty, or whatever number you want it to be.  When I’m free-wheeling down steep, twisty lanes on my morning […] Read more »

Exercise Sucks

Happy New Year, and oh by the way Exercise Sucks. Well One person told me that over the Holiday period. Anyway I’m sure it’s going to be a great year. It’s all back to normal this week if there is any such thing! The World and the people in it are so different, and we all live very diverse lives. I have always been an optimist. I really don’t see the point in being anything else in life, even when it’s not going so well I always believe the Sun is shining over the next hill. So people like me […] Read more »

Thinking About Exercise

Thinking About Exercise

If you’ve been thinking about Exercise you’re probably looking for a Plan that works. I’ve been looking at the different Fitness Plans and tests people around the world have to do to demonstrate their fitness before they join a Profession they want to follow. The armed forces being one of the toughest. This is one I came across for the entrance for the United States Navy Seals.  I thought it would be interesting to share this with you. If you want success here you have to be prepared to get wet.  The Fitness Test is to qualify you for a program that […] Read more »

What’s your Personal Best In Health And Fitness

Personal Best

What’s your personal best in Health and Fitness and how can you start to achieve it quickly? Today’s the day when the eyes of the World are on London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Health fitness and personal best will be top of mind for the Olympic team members. Whether you love Sport or not, you have got to admire the Athletes of the World, who by pure Vision, Grit, Hard Work and Determination, are now going to represent their Countries, in the most ancient and magnificent feat of sporting agility that we can witness on the Planet. I for […] Read more »

Weight Gain-Feed Your Mind

Today I’m going to feed your mind.  I said yesterday that’s where most guys in their 50’s who have weight gain problems need to start.  It really is the mindset; nothing else matters if you don’t get this right. So you want a healthy body, and to get that weight gain under control and start to lose it, you now need to tell yourself that and you need to mean it: You want to lose some weight. You want a healthier lifestyle. You want to have more energy. Not feel tired all the time. You know you need to be […] Read more »

Muscle For Life

I think you know now you need muscle for life. I’ve just typed out a 12 week Kettlebell Training Plan. Which as I said yesterday I’m pretty excited about. I’ve just started doing a few simple Swing Exercises every day with an 8kg Kettlebell. And am now moving up to a 12kg, which is the recommended weight for a guy to start some serious training with. Watch this space! I seem to have spoken to a lot of people this week regards fitness, and it seems to have come up in all sorts of conversation. Which I must say I […] Read more »

Exercising – Are You In The Zone?

Do you look forward to exercising?  Does your day not feel right if you haven’t done your exercise?  Will you go to any lengths to fit in your exercise routine if something else calls on your time?  Do you do a range of exercises in the three main areas you need to maintain, or develop your fitness, Endurance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility, that you really enjoy? Well if the answer is YES, then congratulations.  You are in the zone, and your health and fitness is as assured as it can be, and you will never find it a chore or […] Read more »

Why There’s Always Room For Dessert

Woman with cake

Claire Bates writes… – Pleasure eating triggers the body’s reward system, why is it that after a huge meal you can always find a corner for a delicious dessert… even though you know you shouldn’t?  It’s because this type of eating is motivated by pleasure rather than by hunger, scientists say. Temptation: Your brain is wired to ‘reward’ you when you eat a sweet treat – even when you’re full. The team from the University of Naples found that when we eat for pleasure rewarding chemical signals in the brain are activated when we eat for pleasure, which can lead […] Read more »

Weightloss…Can I Do It?

Weightloss…Can I Do It?   It’s a fact of life that as we get older we will experience some weight gain even when we keep active.  This can be controlled quite easily if we take action straight away. The danger is the tendency to ignore it.  If you think you are putting on weight, check your weight and check your waist measurement.  This is one of the key measurements to determine your body mass. I would be surprised if your increase in weight is not more than you think it is.  Don’t accept it as something you can’t do anything about.  You […] Read more »

An Average Man Should, And Needs To Exercise

An average man should, and needs, to exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  As I have said before, we have many options when it comes to exercise.  In my opinion, if you have the time and especially if you’re retired, you should do some exercise everyday. Doing a bit of exercise everyday is better than doing none at all since it all helps to keep our muscles flexible and strong, and is great for mental fatigue, and your mindset in general. I think the downfall for a lot of men and people in […] Read more »