Health And Fitness – You Have Control

If you have been following me this year, we have all come a long way with our health and fitness at 50 and beyond.  And if you are here for the first time – welcome and enjoy… There is a lot on this site from a real guy who was 55 in July this year. Who has researched what works for him and people he knows, to really keep motivated, stop the weight gain, lose it – if you already have it, get your health back on track, enjoy your food across the whole range, do exercise where you can […] Read more »

Lifestyle Change – The Tough List

Lifestyle?  Sometimes in life we have to make some choices which are not easy.  I call it the “Tough List”  Hopefully you are happy with the life you have made, now that you’re in your fifties.  And if not you can do something about it.  Lifestyle is a huge area to cover in a Blog Post and being 55 myself I could probably write about it for a week, and would still not cover all the elements. I would guess though as you’ve come to this website it’s more about your health and fitness, how you are feeling, looking, energy […] Read more »

Winter And Having No Weight Gain

 I’ve just had lunch and got to thinking about winter food and having no weight gain again like last year, and how it’s been like this for the last few years since I tamed the beast.  I was thinking how good it is to have my weight under control when so many guys seem to be in a constant battle with their food.  I’m sitting here in Somerset in the UK today, the weather is better than it was in July, well actually… May, June and July for that matter.  We’ve had no real summer as such, just lots of […] Read more »

Working Those Muscles

I’ve certainly learned a lot about Anatomy and working those muscles.  The stereo-typical image of guys building muscle, is them standing there flexing their “Abs”.  As I said earlier this week, the whole idea of muscle building never appealed to me. Yes I exercised, I kept fit, my muscles were adequate and that’s the thing,  they are.  But in our 50’s we have to work to keep them.  I think I’ve painted a “big scary picture” through my own research of how bad it can get.  I know it really scared me. But as with a lot of things in […] Read more »

Cycling In The Rain

Every morning I go cycling, it’s great Cardio exercise and not only that, I always find it clears my mind aswell and gets all the thought processes working. It’s supposed to be June!  Well that’s what the Calendar says.  But when I looked out the window this morning everywhere was wet and there was no one about as I went outside to get my bike. Oh yes, I don’t let the weather interfere with my exercise routine.  On the few occasions I don’t start the day with a bike ride, the day never seems to get off the ground! Yes […] Read more »

Having The Motivation To Keep Up The Exercise Routine

Joel Gray writes…Considering the amount of time and energy that it takes to go out and exercise, it is easy to neglect the habit of working out when life gets busy. It is important to remain motivated and stick to it so that the routine is not forgotten altogether. Here are a few pointers that can help keep you motivated and wanting to exercise as often as possible. Don’t try to overachieve. A person with a busy lifestyle may only be able to exercise a couple times a week, but that is still better than not exercising at all. There’s […] Read more »

The Right Mindset

Believe it or not, the right mindset for fitness is a psychological factor that you cannot ignore when you’re trying to keep fit.  It’s like playing a game, you need to believe you can win, and not only believe, but see it happening in your mind.  This mindset is very powerful; it ingrains in you the will to succeed. Look at your own fitness as a game.  Just as you need to know the rules of the game as well as the basics of performing that game, say as in a sport, you also need the right information to make […] Read more »