The Caveman Diet

If you want good health and fitness for your mind and body you need The Caveman Diet. What another diet?  Huh heard it all before?

Well stop and think again according to the latest research by Professor Arthur De Vany, our Genes contain information from strands of organisms that extend back over Two Billion Years.  And our diet should be what Man was eating 40,000 years ago, when we were hunters and gatherers.  In other words, Whole Food, Animals that have grazed on natural grass, Fish that swim in clean seas and rivers.

We may well live in a modern age but, as it’s been proven before, with our Brains we are still Caveman.  Our bodies also still belong to the Stone Age, when man driven by hunger would, in hunting; physically exert himself to make the “kill” he needed for him and his family to survive.

And when the prey was slain, he and his tribe would have to carve the beast into large chunks, and carry them over distance.  While women would forage and gather roots and fruit; while quite often carrying a young child.

This was an average day, plenty of exercise, and eating good whole food with minimal natural Carbohydrate.

In my opinion, the food we eat today has been processed to such an extent that, more often than not it is a massive recipe of unnecessary Carbohydrate and additives that is to our body, like a lightening strike is to Electrical Circuit Board.  Massive overload that it just doesn‘t need, which usually involves major damage.  Next time you go to the supermarket just start to look at the amount of Carbohydrates in the foods you buy.  Do you need them? Most definitely not!

I’ve experimented a lot with the dreaded addiction to Carbohydrates, which we have all got, unless we have learned to train the Beast.  And believe me, if you haven’t tried, it is an addiction, and it is hard to beat.

If you can get into the mindset to deal with this area of your diet, you will have no problem losing the weight you want, and keeping it under control.  And I have found the reward of losing the weight you want, diminishes the cravings slightly, but you need a will of Iron to achieve this.

I think it will always be there in some way.  But I feel my beast is on a big lead now, but definitely not in a cage.  But I tell you now there’s no other way, no short-cuts, no clap-trap “rubbishy” diets.

You either want to lose weight, or you don’t! Cut the carbs (The Caveman Diet) have more whole meat, fish, vegetables and you will win the battle.

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