The Route To Relaxation

Meditation or ‘mental focusing’ goes back thousands of years.  It was originally used for spiritual practices and viewed as worship or prayer.  It describes your state of consciousness and is a cessation of the thought process.

Originally, meditation was thought to be not for modern people but luckily those beliefs have changed over the years and meditation is now being used all over the world by many types of people.   However in today’s world, meditation is not solely used for spiritual reasons anymore.

There are other great reasons and benefits to meditate.  Today, meditation is said to have long lasting benefits on emotional health and well-being.  It is highly practiced by people who need to reduce or relieve stress by emptying the mind of all negative thoughts, worry and guilt that you may have and replacing those thoughts with positive relaxing energy.

Meditation combines breath control by slower breathing and a strong sense of mind relaxation.  It can be very involved or a very simple exercise as long as the mind is being highly stimulated.  Some say meditation is as simple as just sitting outside and listening to the birds, or maybe taking a jog while listening to their favourite music.  Others will say that it is so much more than that.  However, if you are using your mind to free your brain full of scattered thoughts and focusing on something peaceful that brings you happiness, then you are meditating.

The freedom to clear your mind though visual focusing is an amazing thing that can be easily mastered.  You can start by thinking about what makes you feel happy and gives you a tranquil state of mind.  Sometimes it helps to actually be in the location; meaning, if you love the sound of a trickling brook though the woods with the sound of chirping birds in the background, than it may be beneficial to put yourself in that setting physically, but it is not required.

Being in an actual location is a good idea for a beginner so they can really take in the sounds and surroundings.  After a while you will be able to simply sit in your quiet living room and visualize those sights and sounds that put your mind at ease.  Do this exercise a few times a week and soon it will become a second nature to you and you will find yourself meditating more frequently.

Give it a try.  Find a comfortable quiet place to sit.  Close your eyes and slow down your breathing.  Let your mind drift off to your relaxing place and only let your mind focus on what you visualize.  Any other thoughts should not be allowed in.  Most people feel a deep sense of relaxation after just a few minutes of this type of meditating but it may take more practice if you have a brain over run by a thousand different negative thoughts.

People are always looking for ways to relax, and meditation is a great way to unwind after a long day of negative stressful thoughts and worries.  Remember, you don’t have to leave your home or job to find peace and relaxation.  Relaxation can be as close-by as your own back garden or living room.

Simply put, meditation is a method of taking your mind away from the negativity in your life and it is a great exercise anyone can use to get amazing long lasting relaxation benefits.

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