The Winter Weight Gain

I want to share with you what I’ve discovered about the Winter weight gain, a lot of us struggle with this it’s a common complaint of lots of people. In the Winter we all seem to add a few pounds.  When the Spring comes around it always seems hard to lose those extra pounds.  Why does this happen?

The contributing factors are many; our Genetic disposition is to store extra fat when the Winter becomes colder, in the same way animals do.  For our ancestors this was vital to protect them from the cold, giving them extra fuel later in Winter and Spring time, when stocks of food would have been very low.

So our tendency is to eat more at Harvest time, and subconsciously eat foods that are higher in fat content.  Our Hormones can also affect our weight gain, the action of hormones and other chemicals in the brain can change our usual pattern of appetite and cravings for other foods ensue. 

At the same time the shorter days, and lack of daylight, can lead to Winter depression, and one of the quickest ways to increase energy levels and make us feel better is to have a “quick fix” or treats, biscuits, chips, cereals, all these types of food give us a fast blood sugar fix, and if we are feeling a bit depressed we are soon in a cycle that is hard to break.

So these are some of the main reasons why we eat more high carbohydrate foods.  The biscuits, chocolate, that nice hot pie on our way home from shopping, all these foods as we know, contain high levels of fat.  We need to give our body the food that it craves e.g. carbohydrates.  But we need to substitute the foods that are high in fat, for low fat content with lots of fibre.  things like potatoes, fresh whole fish, wholegrain bread with low fat spread, and wholegrain rice cereals.

Physical activity in Winter has a tendency to drop off for a lot of people, with them wanting to stay indoors in the warmth.   This is natural, but in today’s modern world we have a choice, we can always have heat when we want it and there is always food available, we do not need to store fat the way our ancestors did.  So we can go for that long walks… start to cycle, it’s great exercise, and keeps us warm outdoors.  …there are also lots of exercises we can do indoors, or at home, and if you really need the discipline, you can always join the Gym; I personally don’t think you need to do that to stay fit.  You just need a good routine, so we can burn up the extra carbohydrates, keeping us trim in the Winter, avoiding that “Winter weight gain”, and making us feel ready for the Spring and the warm bright days.

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