Thinking About Exercise

Thinking About ExerciseIf you’ve been thinking about Exercise you’re probably looking for a Plan that works.

I’ve been looking at the different Fitness Plans and tests people around the world have to do to demonstrate their fitness before they join a Profession they want to follow. The armed forces being one of the toughest.

This is one I came across for the entrance for the United States Navy Seals.  I thought it would be interesting to share this with you.

If you want success here you have to be prepared to get wet.  The Fitness Test is to qualify you for a program that teaches you to feel as much at home in water as you do on land.

The fitness test determines both their ability and stamina. And if passed the training is then focused on the things they need to learn before the entrance exam.

The fitness exam for Navy Seals requires the applicant to swim. This is the first part of the entrance examination. They have to complete a 500-meter swim in 12 minutes and 30 seconds. There are two survival strokes that the Navy Seal approve. They can use either the side strokes or the breast strokes. It may sound easy but most students have failed in this phase. It is because they think that they are already physically fit and tend to ignore practicing.

They are lucky if they pass the first phase. But it is not the end of the fitness examination as the second phase begins. Within two minutes, they should be able to perform a minimum of 42 push ups. It is better if they exceed the given quota but it is advisable to reserve energy.  For another two minutes, they should perform 50 sit-ups.

Next is performing a minimum of 6 pull-ups, no time limits but they go back in the starting position in each repetition. Every exercise has a two minute rest period.  So this ends the second phase of the fitness examination.

Here comes the third phase. They are required to run wearing boots and camouflage pants. And need to complete a 1 ½ mile run within 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

Most Navy Seal examiners have failed in this fitness examination. They can pass it if they are determined enough.  Still, their success depends on their courage and hard work to finish the fitness examination.

The Navy Seal is not for the faint-hearted. There is a great need for training to prepare for the day of the exam. Only a few people have passed this fitness test which is one of the toughest there is.

Exercise and Fitness needn’t be that tough, but it really makes you think about what can be achieved when you have an end goal in mind.

Whether it’s getting your fitness back on track, losing weight, or starting to get fit, if you haven’t done any exercise in a long time.  Don’t be put off, thinking about fitness is one thing, starting to take some action.

Today will give you the start you need. You will feel the difference. First in your mind by the very fact you are no longer just thinking about it, but have done it, and are moving forward.  This will push you further to reach your fitness goal.

photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN via photo pin cc

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