Warming To Kettlebells

Last week I talked about Kettlebell Training, and how excited I was about what is turning out to be a truly amazing exercise programme.

Even though I am only on Week 2 of the Twelve Week Training, you certainly feel you’ve had a work-out, and I know it’s only going to get better.  The Plan that I’m working to only requires that you do the Routine Three times a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I usually do the training in the morning after my usual bike ride, as I wanted to add to my fitness routine if you remember, I was looking to bring weight training into this, and it was my research that led me to Kettlebell Training.

This has turned out to be weight training, and a whole lot more.  If you already have a fitness routine this is so easy to add.  But if you haven’t and you’re looking to start one and you’ve developed a mindset to make exercise and fitness a part of your day, why not join me now?

Like with all exercise there comes points that if you want to do it you just need to jump in. As I said last week this is going to take some work, because it really does move all your body in a way I’ve not experienced before.  And when I say “jump in” I mean just get started but do it slowly.  Remember no matter what exercise you’re doing, you need to warm up for about 10 minutes first, and incorporate some stretching exercises.  Especially if you haven’t done any real exercise in a while. This is where you should always start when exercising.

You may ask what “warming exercises” are?  They are best described as some gentle movement to the body.  Just enough to get your heart rate up and bring blood to the muscles in general and then incorporate some stretching.  Never stretch before warming.  You can cause some real damage to yourself.  If you think of your muscles like your car tyres, when they first start to move, they are fairly hard and rigid, but as they heat up they become soft and pliable.  This is where you need to be before you start your exercise routine everytime.

So no matter what you do for exercise always warm up minimum 10 minutes, then do some gentle and slow stretching.  Concentrate on your breathing, nice and slow and easy.

Kettlebell Training requires good discipline and needs to be carried out correctly to achieve the benefits and to avoid injury.  I’m still learning, but enjoying every minute of it.

You can get Kettlebell Training on a one-to-one basis or join local groups. It has become very popular, or you can do what I’ve done, after a lot of research I’ve found what I consider to be the best DVD Training Programme, from the register of Kettlebell Professionals.  It’s called Kettlebell Basics.

The Training is delivered in a very clear and concise way by Guy Noble, the No.1 Adviser on Kettlebell Training to the Health and Fitness industry.  The training is literally delivered step-by-step and is demonstrated both by himself and another instructor who take you through the fundamentals of Kettlebell Training, which is comprehensive and gives you everything you need to start training safely.  It includes a Twelve Week Programme.

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