Weight Gain and Diet You’ve Been Lied To.

Good FoodIf you’re still struggling with weight gain and your diet is still the same, you need to change your thinking before anything else.  This will make the whole process more achievable because it’s really not your fault.  In the last 50 years we have all been lied to on a major scale when it comes to Nutrition and the problems we face around weight gain.

We have all succumbed to the massive marketing machine that is our local Supermarket.  Bright shiny packaging and discounted offers have put us in to a rut when it comes to food and nutrition.  The only way to address this is to start to think about our nutritional needs in a different way.

What you need to do now

  • Be aware of your weight and your BMI.  This way you’ll be able to work out what your ideal weight should be.
  • If your weight gain is already out of control, weigh yourself every day to keep it top of mind.
  • Start to take small steps towards your weight and fitness goals.

Change your thinking around food

  • Don’t just buy the same foods every week which is what most people tend to do.
  • Step back and look at the whole range of foods, and start to swap and reduce the amount of processed foods you normally eat.
  • Most drinks are heavily processed with sugar.  Start to drink alot of water and freshly squeezed juice.

Exercise is not the whole story

  • Physical activity is important for all round good health.  If you’re not doing any you definitely need to start now.
  • Remember you can’t just exercise your weight gain away.  You have to change your diet.
  • Know what weight you want to be and make small progressive changes in diet and activity to achieve this.

Keep it simple and you can keep your weight under control.  Reduce processed foods and drink, and start to eat whole foods

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