Weight Gain-Feed Your Mind

Today I’m going to feed your mind.  I said yesterday that’s where most guys in their 50’s who have weight gain problems need to start.  It really is the mindset; nothing else matters if you don’t get this right.

So you want a healthy body, and to get that weight gain under control and start to lose it, you now need to tell yourself that and you need to mean it:

You want to lose some weight.

You want a healthier lifestyle.

You want to have more energy.

Not feel tired all the time.

You know you need to be more active.

You want life to be fun, be happy with yourself, and living each day to the max, both for you and your family.

Then think about how it could be, and why you want it.  This will have a very powerful effect on how you can activate your weightloss goal, and a healthier lifestyle.

Here is the first of three changes you need to make.  Very do-able in small steps, and you need to do it now.  It does not matter how much weight you want, or need to lose.  It’s small action steps that will get you there.  Making these is the only way to make changes.

Stop struggling with it.  Take action and don’t procrastinate, if you have a “wobble” when you start that’s ok.   There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback, as long as you get back up, learn from it and carry on.

Don’t listen to the “hype” around weightloss, you don’t need it.  Keep it simple, and do-able.


I don’t know you, but I do know the way you relate to food is going to have to change.

Most guys will eat everything that is put in front of them, I know I did, and if there was more I’d have that too!

Your brain has been programmed to do this from childhood “eat everything up and grow up big and strong like your Dad”, (or your big brother).  Whatever?  Well it’s wrong, and now you’re in your 50’s, this has got to change.  It’s not as hard as it sounds. If you’ve been trying to lose weight in the past you’ve probably gone on diets, done without meals, eating One big meal a day, and been totally miserable the rest of the time.

The answer to that is simple, don’t miss meals, have at least three meals a day, and healthy snacks in between. Oh yeah! And I do mean healthy! Fruit, vegetables, and when you’re thirsty drink water. Remember mindset!

You want this weightloss; you want your fitness back, so eat like this, but remember the portion size and the types of food. You can learn a lot more about this if you look around the website.  Go to Nutrition.

In the past you’ve not only eaten a lot, you’ve tended to eat the same type of foods, have the same meals day-in-day-out.  You have got yourself in a “food rut”.  You know it, you like it, you eat it, yeah! Day after day.

Well you need to stop this as well! If you just look at food as if you had never seen it before, and let your mind, eyes, and nose, taste new food.  You will really be amazed at how easy and fun this new way of eating can be.

Because you have been in the “food rut”, you have more than likely gone for convenience, processed food.  This is by far the biggest problem, when it comes to your health and weight gain.

There are so many things put into processed food to make it look appealing, preserve it to keep it fit to eat.  There are also a lot of things added to give it back some taste, after its had all the goodness pulped and processed out of it.

I spent some of my working life in the food industry and have seen this first-hand.  I honestly couldn’t believe the amount of salt and sugar that went into these foods.  And some of the ingredients you’d be scared to get them on your Car or on your Hand. Let alone put them in your mouth. Just think, this is not food, but your body’s got to deal with all these ingredients-which it doesn’t need-and that’s not good at all.

So you need to eat across the whole food range.  Think of food as an adventure; just try it and your old, bad food habits will disappear.  Don’t try and do it all at once.  Remember change it slowly, step-by-step each day.  But make the changes!

I’m not going to spell this out for you.  If you’re serious you don’t need a diet, or some new “fad” that’s going to cost you a fortune to try, well if you’ve been desperate you’ve probably been there before.  And did it work? Obviously not.

There is no magic solution, just your desire to have a healthier lifestyle, with your weight under control.

As I said at the start, Weight Gain Feed Your Mind, get out of the “food rut”.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what you need to know about Exercise, and how important Relaxing and Sleeping is.

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