Weightloss…Can I Do It?

Weightloss…Can I Do It?   It’s a fact of life that as we get older we will experience some weight gain even when we keep active.  This can be controlled quite easily if we take action straight away.Weightloss....Can I Do It?

The danger is the tendency to ignore it.  If you think you are putting on weight, check your weight and check your waist measurement.  This is one of the key measurements to determine your body mass.

I would be surprised if your increase in weight is not more than you think it is.  Don’t accept it as something you can’t do anything about.  You need to lose that weight, and lose it now, before it becomes a health problem.  Yes, you’re going to need to cut back to lose weight.  But like with everything else, it should be in moderation.

Don’t just stop eating food that’s rich in calories.  You need to maintain a balanced intake of food on a daily basis.  This is necessary to maintain vitamins and minerals, to give you stamina and resistance to disease.

It should include Fibre-rich food, Wholegrain Bread, Rice, Vegetables and Fruits. The thing is most men, given the opportunity, will overeat.  Therein lies the answer, there is no need to groan with the thought of having to do without food.  The answer is to eat a good balanced diet, but beware of the portion sizes.

Maybe up to now when you or your family prepare food, like a lot of people you don’t weigh what you actually eat.  Instead you prepare very generous portions, and most guys will eat everything that’s put in front of them.

I know for a fact, as I’ve done it myself. If you start to weigh the food you prepare, and cut back, you’re not going to starve.  And providing you have a good exercise plan in place, you will find it easy to lose the extra weight and keep it off.  So it can be done.  Remember:

  1. You must get in the right mindset.
  2. Focus on achieving.
  3. Think portion size and keep it under control.
  4. A Good Exercise Plan.

When you achieve this, and believe me it’s so do-able, you will feel totally in control of a situation that so many men struggle with.    Weightloss…Can I Do It?   YES!

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