What’s your Personal Best In Health And Fitness

Personal BestWhat’s your personal best in Health and Fitness and how can you start to achieve it quickly?

Today’s the day when the eyes of the World are on London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Health fitness and personal best will be top of mind for the Olympic team members.

Whether you love Sport or not, you have got to admire the Athletes of the World, who by pure Vision, Grit, Hard Work and Determination, are now going to represent their Countries, in the most ancient and magnificent feat of sporting agility that we can witness on the Planet.

I for one will be following the Four Cycling Events, also Swimming and Athletics.  It’s great to see these people totally focused, living their dream.

I think for everyone who watches it, no matter what their interest is, can’t help but have admiration for the “single-minded” determination to achieve their goals.

Firstly for themselves.  If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything, and then for their family and friends and their Country.

To be an Olympian in the first place is a great feat, but to win or be placed in any Event you become part of Sporting History.

The Olympics start today and finish on 12th August which is a total of 16 days.  This would be a great time for you to commit to getting healthier and fitter.

So if you have something that you enjoy doing, a sport, for example Cycling, Running, even just Walking to keep you fit.  Why not commit to it now?

Or if you want to start, and are “stuck” as what to do, subscribe now for my FREE “Quick Start 7 Day Fitness Plan”  This has been especially written for guys like you, in their 50’s, who just want to “jump in” and start to get fit.

If you want to lose some weight; let’s cut-to-the-chase here, if you want to, you can.  Let me make it really easy…

If you start to do some exercise today, look at your diet, remove all the processed foods you eat now, and replace them with whole foods, see Nutrition.  Replace all your Carbohydrates with healthy Carbs’.   In other words, food that has not been processed in any way.

Now if you’re serious about losing that weight cut the Carbohydrates you eat in half.  You can increase the amount of vegetables and meat that you eat.  If you do this and do it properly I guarantee you will start to lose weight.  It’s what I’ve done to keep my weight in check.  Exercise alone won’t “cut it”.

No matter how much you do everything has to have a balance.

So why not go for Gold with your Health, Fitness and Weightloss NOW!  It can be done and I know you can do it.

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